CHALLENGE! find a sporty car - below 350$ (incl. taxes) from OH willing to drive if needed

I’m from Cincinnati OH

I’m looking for some help after investigating for the last 6 months.

I am looking to stay below the 400 (more into below the 350) including the taxes in – with completely zero down payment.

I had some offers from Honda Accord 2.0T sport auto for 327$ 36m/12k all included (31,200 MSRP) (5.5 to 60mph 252 HP with 270 lb/ft its not a sport car but pretty close)

I want a good performance car (powerful engine like: Q60 3.0T AWD, Lexus RC 200t , mustang eco-boost, bmw 430 , etc - around the 300hp/300lb/ft)
I am freshly divorced have no kids with me and I think it’s a time for a cool sedan or coupe sporty car (luxury preferred)

Do you think you can help me?

I want to close the deal before the end of this month.

im sure its a nice challenge for the experts here :slight_smile:


The forum doesn’t really work like this. We don’t look for deals and get quotes for you. Brokers will do that. If you’d like to find a broker, I’d recommend looking at the list of registered brokers and dealers. That beings said, there is almost 0% chance that you are getting a Q60,RC, or 430i at that price point


take that accord payment at 15k and run


Accord (202020202020202020>)

yeah i know,

I just thought it might be interesting if people will shot some sweet deals (this can be a great source of deals for low costs sport cars lease)

I also asked some brokers for help though.

I know that Q50 3.0T you can get for that budget…

keep us updated @nivo07 on w/e you end up with, and how much + if you go out of state.

I’m in the same boat as you as far as wanting to lease a sports/lux vehicle, would like to keep the payments in that region as well and also looking at/for similar model/cars.

Challenger can definitely be had for that amount.

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not really, you’re trying to get people to go to work for you for free here, that’s not how this forum works. Go negotiate a deal, post it and we’ll give you our input. Or hire a broker.


When you find one post it so others can get one too.

If you can find one, a 2017 Giulia can def be had at that price point.

VW Passat GT - about $300/mo
VW GTI - about $350/mo (S Trim)
Ford Focus ST?
BMW 330i? Loaner or otherwise?

Can’t think of anything more than those that won’t be over $400/mo


Do they still support leases on the 2017 models though? I doubt it.

Lol this is just hillarious. Post a challenge without a reward and the only winner is the OP himself :joy:

Btw, why didnt yiu sign up on that 2.0 Accord deal if its truly what it is as you stated?


This post reminds me of Tom Sawyer.

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Not sure now. Good call.

They did in May.

I think I did a pretty good research meeting dealers, collecting deals, comparing and putting it all together, I honestly looking for feedback from people who also looked for deals and maybe they can help me find this month sweet deal of what i’m looking for,

for example - the Giulia by Alfa Romeo (which I haven’t thought of before someone here offered it)


I saw only one so far (yesterday) they offer for 400 with zero down (not including taxes dmv and first month pay) - i’ve seen better deals though…

waiting for people like you to tell me if that deal is a good one or not :slight_smile:

passat GT looks good though the Accord have more to give…
GTI / Focus ST too small :slight_smile:
330i could not find any loaner offer

you weren’t looking too hard then. 3 Series loaners are a dime a dozen.