Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac

Just checking with my fellow Hackr’s to see if anyone knows if Cadillac lease out their CPO’s like BMW ? Thanks!

Just checked with my local dealership here in NC and can confirm they do lease out loaners. Typically, cars will have less than 5000 miles on it. I have asked the sales guy to pass on information on any great deals. Should he send across something worthwhile, will pass it along.

I wonder what the residual on one of these would look like.

Check Edmunds…BMW has the same residual on loaners with less than 4000 miles …then reduce the residual by A certain percentage. Might be similar with Cadillac.

Thank you for the quick response Sai1, your awesome! I was hoping they leased CPO’s. I will be looking for an ATS-V in a couple of months once my Infiniti lease is up.

I doubt you are going to want to go this route…

Thanks for the information. Not very encouraging, but I’ll at least see what they’re offering in a few month