GM Factory Pre Owned Leases

GM has a variety of vehicles for purchase or lease. GM calls them Factory Pro Owned Collection or FPOC.

Clicking through they want the prospective buyer to choose their payment. Um ok. Reading hear on LH I know about the 1%target. If I’m going to lease a FPOC what target monthly payment should I target?

I know that’s that’s the backwards way of doing it but the website wants you to 'create your own deal. I’d want a 2yr/15k per year lease. I’m looking at SRX or ATS coupe models…

Here’s the SRX I’m considering…$35,6XX

And the ATS…$34,2XX

Keep in mind that those are asking prices…

For used vehicles would you try for 0.8% 0.6% of the selling price?

I would look at it this way instead: You can lease a new ATS for X, or a used one for Y. What premium of X over Y makes you choose new over used, or vice versa, is up to you personally.

Looks like terrible pricing as posted

Your Caddy looks like a reasonable selling price would be 30000$

Locally that would be
<24000$ for similar

So its troubling straight away

Freeze your credit reports
Get a GV phone number
Submit your offer at 30000$ selling price, 6000$ of depreciation at 36 months

Even if he got it for $30,000, the rv on the 2015 SRX front drive is $17,600 for 36 months, so that would be paying $12,400 of depreciation over 36 months, or $344.44 per month. That is before tax and dealer fees/delivery etc…

Why would I need to ‘freeze’ my credit reports? Would it be to keep from getting dinged due to inquiries? FWIW I’m deep into tier 1 or even tier 0 if you believe in that. CarMax is selling 2015 SRX’s for roughly $2k less with similar miles, so yes, $30K is about right. I certainly wouldn’t offer GM what they’re asking.

2013 SRX’s with 50k miles are going for $23-4K at CarMax or $7k less than '15’s with 20k miles.

If I go for a 24m/15k mile lease with $7K of depreciation between the 13’s and 15’d that’s be a payment of $292/month.

Does this sound reasonable?

A 2013 SRX CPO rv 36 months only

6NL26 4DR WGN LUXURY $13,450 -
6NL26 4DR WGN PREMIUM $15,550 -

6NG26 4DR WGN BASE $11,050 -
6NG26 4DR WGN LUXURY $11,700 -
6NG26 4DR WGN PREMIUM $13,800 -


What am I looking at there?

Residual values for a 2013 cpo SRX 36 month lease.

By the way, GM Financial MF on these is .00192 36 months and .00206 48 months for A+ credit. Not attractive at all.


Thanks for the updates. I’ll throw the numbers into the calculator and see what I get. Using your data and CarMax data I figure, based on 2015 to 2103 values, that a 2015 has 60% residual after 2 years and 12K miles per year.

Do you know the 24month MF?

OK…so the calculator says a monthly payment of $570 w/o tax and $622 with… that’s 24months with 12k miles per year, MF of .00206 and 60% residual. Seems like I may be able to lease a brand new leftover '16 or '17 for that?

GM CPO leases only cover 36 months for 2015-2013 or 48 months for 2015 and 2014 models.

It seems to me the GM CPO leases are terrible, at least for the SRX.

Am I looking at it the right way?
I was looking at a 2016 Impala LTZ w/ 11k miles at 26900 for 48 months - the trade-in value of a 2012 impala ltz w/ 70k miles (assuming ~1k miles/ month) is ~8000 on edmunds. That’s 18900 in depreciation over 4 years. Even w/o interest that is 393$ a month which is way too high.

Anyone see any potential with the other cars?

Well my sheet only has a 2015 Impala, I don’t have any info on 2016 vehicles. The rv on an 2015 LTZ is $10,300 for 48 months, or $12,600 for 36 months. So your math looks close. I believe the rv GM uses is based on retail used price, not trade in value. In other words, they believe a 2015 Impala LTZ will be worth $10,300 in 4 years.


Throw up a ‘hail mary’. On the website they want you to submit an offer and to submit how much you’d like to pay. Perusing the 'net I know I can buy a 2015 SRX Luxury CPO for $28k +/-. That’s 4K less than their asking price on the website. If I decide to go ahead I’ll submit an offer of $27K and go from there. The worst they can say is ‘no’.

You know what. I put in a $0 down $200 for a 21k impala. I think that’s fair with Texas taxes. They called me and the girl said she needed to check with her manager. So let’s see!

As you are providing enough information about yourself for a pull to occur, permissible / intentioned or not

I was saying FREEZE them as a preventative measure

That is not very inspiring


Can you tell me the dollar amount RV for a 2015 ATS coupe PREMIUM AWD?

I’m throwing up a ‘hail mary’ offer!!

2 liter:
16,150 36 months
13,500 48 months

3.6 liter:
17,200 36 months
14,400 48 months

So here’s the final verdict…

Due to insanely low residuals and a very high MF the lease payment on a $29,500 2015 ATS coupe Performance for 36months with 12k miles per year would be $690!!! Insane!!