CDK Global cyber incident

Anyone bought cars today? :grin:


It’s been a “fun” day, that’s for sure… :upside_down_face:


I drove my wife to pick her car up from service and the dealer told her everything was down. At least the service was completed lol


Yeah it’s been a crazy day. We were still able to have people signed, but it took a lot longer than it normally would since everything had to be done by hand like the good old days.


Tried to. GM said his system was down. Now I know why

So out of all the times whenever I’m on the phone with a rep and told their computer is running slow, today was actually “the” day this was true? SMH.


On a holiday no less

And it’s still down. :eyes:


Still down-fortunately I can esign, e verify identifications, and get limited POAs for most wet docs-

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There’s a recent pattern of attacks on financial systems/software that were designed to align with various US holidays.

Each of these required more than just a few days before these companies returned to normal operations.

I wonder if there’s any connection.

Thanksgiving 2023:

Christmas 2023:

Christmas 2023:

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Well if you are a hacking group attacking when most resources on Vacation is a sound strategy. THOUGH, Juneteenth is not a holiday for most, so I think this one just was coincidental.

If this one was intentional, doing it at the End of the Month would’ve caused more issues.

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Don’t give them any ideas.

Lol, the only ones I am giving those ideas to are the uninformed, real hackers know this and a lot more complex ways.

A company I worked for was hit by a ransomware attack on New Years Eve night. Timing was impeccable and we were down for nearly 2 weeks as they really got a hold of a lot

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I think your system is down by other type of hackrs!


at long as their espresso machine is still working in the lounge … :smiley:

Had my 4Runner in for service yesterday and they couldn’t do anything. The women told me it was a hack and they are holding the system ransom. (Grain of salt)

I thought it was just Toyota, didn’t realize it was the actual software itself.

15,000 dealers nationwide. Sales and service, and cdk says it may be days.
John @ EZ Nissan


The dealer I service at said they switched to CDK within the past year when I texted a friend who’s a manager there and he said it’s proven to be their worst decision ever. He said it’s been hell the past two days but they somehow had a good day yesterday as far as taking deposits to do deals once CDK is back up.

Honestly this is a good time to short all of the big publics like Asbury. They all use CDK and this will cost them millions.

3 more hackr deals with cdk down. Contracted and delivered. Y’all are amazing :heart: