Car Totaled in lease?



My Maserati Ghibli was considered a total loss by my insurance company (Mercury) a couple of months ago. Car was hit while it was parked. (Hit and run). I leased it in Dec 2016 when the $488 lease deals were being offered. If I remember my numbers correctly It was a $77,xxx msrp plus $1195 for protection pkg. Paid about $2500 out of pocket for drive offs and with LA taxes I was at $653.xx per month. 7500 miles per year. I made 22 payments and had about 14,xxx miles on the car when it was totaled. After all was said and done, I received a check from Mercury for about $6,100. It would have been $7,100 if not for my $1,000 deductible. I guess Maserati holds it’s value better than expected. Car had frame damage.


Seems very unlikely based on the photos posted…there is no separate frame per se: if there were frame damage, it would probably be visible in crumpled wings/rocker panels and deformities in the pillars as they are all part of the unibody. The hood, while not technically part of the unibody, would be crumpled too


I came back from body shop and they said they are tacking another $11K on top as part of the supplement. He said if it were up to him, he would total the car out completely cause it will not drive the same cause there is some engine work needs to be done.


I have never been in a car accident, but I protect myself on the one day that happens. You always hear stories about geico and they not willing to pay off claims. I am not going to deal with that. My insurance will total the car at 70% damage. Insurance like amica, State Farm’s charge more, but they are much better than these low cost insurance when it comes time to pay.


I agree to certain extent but I got quotes from the companies you such mentioned and it was 3-4X more. Just isn’t worth paying that much


I went to school with a guy that now owns his own body shop. He said he deals with almost all of the insurance companies that come his way, even some pretty obscure ones. Geico is of a very select few he won’t touch. Said they are among the worst in regard to getting things paid.


There are rules and regulations around claim payments regardless of the company. They cannot just reject claims for no reason. I am quiet sure there are dissatisfied customers from every insurer, in fact , I heard about Geico positively and I have been a customer for a long time although have not made a claim yet.


Getting paid OR getting work order approved prior to work starts?


We didn’t go into detail. He told me Geico is so terrible to work with, he’d rather have an empty garage for 6 months than take a Geico loss on. Take that for what it’s worth, from a guy who deals with insurance companies daily.


It may very well be true and Geico could be legitimately horrible company to work with. On the other hand, I hardly blame companies trying to protect themselves from excessive to outright fraudulent charges. There is a reason why most shops first ask who is paying for the damages…


The body shop is not on your side. They want the repair job. They will get the bill to be as high as possible without it being totaled.


The guy seemed honest but your right. Lol


Not sure why Geico is special, but I had them for many years and a couple of fender-benders, never had an issue. My dad actually had his car totaled and they paid out without a glitch and didn’t even raise his rate even though it was totally his fault. The only reason I don’t have them now is that I got a better coverage and much cheaper rate with Liberty Mutual. It’s all a vicious cycle, similar to internet providers. One year one is cheaper, the next year their competitors are.

Now I would expect no name insurance companies to behave this way.


Interesting how there seems to be little cosmetic damage.

I have geico and I will say they aren’t that helpful. Had another person hit my back bumper on the S90 a month ago. Damage was small and geico was only going to intervene if I use my deductible to pay first then they would go and get it back from the other insurance but otherwise they weren’t much help.


That’s all interesting feedback in Geico. I was considering them during this renewal cycle.
I was on the other side of the deal when another person hit me and it was that persons fault. He had Gieco and there were no issues working w them. Covered body shop work without issues, my rental for 3 weeks, medical and even for suffering and inconvenience (without having to involve lawyer on my side for that).
All without issues or delays.


That’s how all insurance works. There is either a claim to work from (which they will subrogate), or there isn’t.


Well I reported it to Geico but that said it wasn’t my fault and will only help if I pay the money upfront. I wanted my insurance to deal with their insurance but they left me to deal with them.


That’s the way any insurance works. Like @max_g said. If it’s the other’s fault, you either go through the other insurance on your own, or you go through your insurance, pay your deductible, and let them work on your behalf. They’ll then get that money back. This isn’t a Geico specific issue. That’s the way I’ve always done it…I pay them a premium…let them do the work I pay for.


This thread was much ado about nothing. It’s clear the car will not be totaled and now people are just debating their most or least preferred insurance companies.

OP can PM me if there is anything left to discuss.