Car Totaled in lease?



So got some news. Car isn’t totaled. I misheard her saying 45% value but it’s 80% of damage to be considered totaled. I told her that I personally don’t want to be in this car anymore as it will never be the same but she said to wait till tear down is happening and shop comes back with a quote. She said sometimes in rare circumstances, they will total a car based on the fact of how many supplement claims being made. Right now it shows 8 days for repairs but body shop said 3 weeks is a better time frame. Kind of sucks as we wanted to get into a newer car but will wait at least a week


Be happy it’s a lease and you’re not stuck with it permanently should it be repaired. It will be Volvo’s problem in the end.


I think it will be totaled. Volvo is expensive to fix, plus all electronics + airbags deployed. But I have no idea about actual damage, of course.


Why would they charge for storage if the OP picks it up when ready?


My message wasn’t directed to the OP, but to @Mike_Ezginder


Front barely looks it was touched. Needs new hood bumper and one headlight.


Unless there’s a lot of mechanical damage, I don’t see how this would be totaled.


Yup a lot of fluids leaked at the scene and engine completely shut down, which could be a safety mechanism after airbags blow? Tow truck had to literally drag the car on the flat bed cause e brake was engaged too


All of what you just described is the Volvo accident safety, I think - engine off, transmission to park, e-brake, and emergency flashers. That kicks in as soon as there is an impact.

I know why you’re annoyed, and I would be too, but this is the perfect reason why we lease. Now, at the end of the lease, the value of the car after being smacked is not your problem.

They’ll fix it up just fine and you won’t know any different - I wouldn’t stress too much about it. This doesn’t look like one of those accidents where it’ll never be the same.


It’s possible something major in the engine could of been hit, but it really looks like your car held up good.


Yeah I rather have this car done ASAP instead of driving a POS rental car they gave me :frowning:


Have to agree with Max (and others, too). Doesn’t look that bad, but you never know.


Wow, it looks good for an airbags deployed car. This one made to look new, yours will be better…:slight_smile:


I had a no fault accident sitting at a traffic light. Geico told me 75% of the value to consider it totaled. First estimate before work commenced was $19K. After they got into it, it was $27K. Still $10K shy of the total threshold.

I went to a highly recommended Mercedes certified collision shop and they did a great job. But manage your expectations even with the best shops. With that said, I had to go back 4 times to make the car perfect. So glad that the car is leased!


Yeah. We will play waiting game cause I HIGHLY doubt car will be done in 8 days especially with Xmas and New years around the corner


This is why you don’t pick crappy company like geico, pay a little more to get a more reputable company and get the $5000 rental coverage. I can rent a McLaren while they work on a fender bender for $109 a year


yeah, but why pay more on a slight chance you may have an accident? And what’s more reputable than Geico?


What does it matter about rental? It is what it is. This is my first accident of 16 years of driving. Geico has been pretty good with me


From what I’ve heard … Frame damage is often a big factor whether or not car gets “totaled”.


Yeah I hit him straight on so behind the bumper it might be cracked for all we know.