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I want to ship my Alfa from Las Vegas to NY. I have never shipped a car before. I am actually getting reasonable quotes ($1,500) And just a little bit more for enclosed shipping ($1,900). My concerns are:

One shipper said you pay 1/2 with a credit card and 1/2 in cash to the driver upon arrival. Is this a real practise? This sounds like there might be an opportunity for extortion. Another shipper said just pay us 100% with a credit card. When I asked the shippers about insurance they claimed that all of their enclosed shippers have insurance and if there is damage, that I do not pay anything - as it is the shipper’s problem.

If you have any advice I will gladly take it. For the “use the search function” police out there, I did. And it resulted in a lot of out of date information.

Thank You!

Yes: how I worked when I shipped West to East and several friends did the same.

You have a contract. Take pictures before it’s loaded on the truck. Take photos as it’s unloaded to make sure there is no damage (bring some cleaning cloths, it will be dirty). If it’s leased I personally wouldn’t pay extra for it to be covered.

So it seems the date that they will pick the car up is quite open. And what if I am not home? Can my neighbour be the one to release the car to the trucking company? Or must it be me? I do not want to have to fly back to Vegas bc they couldn’t find a spot on a truck at the last min.

Also, leased or not, can you explain why you wouldn’t enclose the car?

Most shipping companies are just brokers that are trying to find individual trucks out there to move the load.

Takes longer to find a truck, and a lot more expensive enclosed. I’ve used both open and enclosed but your experience really depends on the driver/truck that’s hauling your load.

Because it depends on when the truck can show up. They carry multiple loads to multiple destinations.

Anyone can do it but You want someone you trust or who knows what they’re doing to do the handover.

Not saying it happens often, but it happens. Trucks can also decline to pickup the load at the last minute. That’s why you need a reputable shipping company to work with you.

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Thank You!

I highly recommend Stacie Thistle at Fisher Shipping in MA

She is absolutely the best

Thanks I will call her on Monday!

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We just shipped a Porsche Boxster from LA to CA for $1875

I’m not saying they’re the best rates but for a couple hundred $ there is peace of mind. Their customer service is top notch.

Was it Enclosed?

That was for open

But I’m a firm believer that you can’t mess with poor shipping companies to save a little bit of $

I’ve heard horror stories of people who went the cheap route

Their reviews say it all (and many personal/client experiences)

It says that they are open. I called for a quote but it went to voicemail. I really want to thank you for this recommendation and I will call again first thing on Monday. You are right- consistently great reviews- worth every penny to me! Those are the businesses we want to keep around. Thank you again

I’ll PM you a cell to text!

If @Bostoncarconcierge’s rec doesn’t work out, you’ll find a whole thread of them using the search function :mag_right:

Stacie and fisher are fantastic. But if you’re looking for cheap, they are not.

Also I’ve dealt with 5 shipping companies and with all of them just the broker fee is due upfront, $75-200. Then the balance is due on delivery. I’d be very hesitant paying more then that upfront.

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