Car Dealership Question!

How many cars do Toyota or Honda dealerships typically hold on their lots of a specific model?
For example, how many Toyota corollas or Honda civics does a dealership normally have?

Significantly more than they currently do


Anywhere from 0 to 500 depending on how much volume that dealer does.


There is an entire thread on shortages, where inventory levels are discussed, including podcasts and news articles interviewing dealer principles:

Each dealership is different, but do the math:

  • Take 2019 sales by make and model, add them up
  • Divide by the number of dealerships for that brand in the US
  • Divide by 12

And you will get a number that is on average, a lot higher than what is currently on-hand.

Why the NY and SoCal tags? Shopping coast-to-coast? Not believing what the dealer is telling you?


Pretty wide range, sir. That number is total inventory on lot or what?

I’m curious how this will help you decide on a car? Because honestly to me, it’s find a car I like, and see who has it and what price they will give it to me.

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A dealership in Los Angeles may have dozens and dozens, a dealership in Ada, North Dakota, may have 3.

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Your question is pretty irrelevant right now, nobody has anywhere close to the inventory they normally do, just drive around and look at how empty dealer lots are, dealers would usually want at least 60 days of supply on hand, not happening right now. Just read an article saying dealers have about 5 days on hand.


It varies by dealership, this is asking a question that has no answer.


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Our store normally has 1,000. Currently have about 90 :cry:

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How does your comparable sales numbers though? Both in units and in revenue ?

Store is selling about 5-600 monthly and gross is up

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