Car Broker Etiquette

Thinking about going through a car broker to help me get a lease. Is it bad etiquette to shop different car brokers around the area to see who can give me the better deal. I’m new to the car buying/leasing world. Thank you

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How would they know you’re shopping around unless you mention it. I would think they would assume you are anyway.


Find a broker that charges you a fee instead of the dealer . This way they will fight for every dime


Just curious why. If the broker already has your money, how much incentive he or she has to fight for you? Vs someone who hasn’t been Paid?

The brokers that charge the dealer can make as much money as they can depending on the client .

The broker that charges you is a consumer advocate .


How does a customer know a broker isn’t take money from both sides?


That’s a good point. You wouldn’t really know. You just have to trust your instincts.

Brokers are never the cheapest way to go . Just very convenient. I know some very shady brokers in LA who charge 1000s on every deal


Not that I take from both sides but why do you care if brokers do? Never get just one quote, that includes brokers, dealers, plumbers, mortgages, even amazon prices can be beat most of the time if you shop around.

Go with whoever you feel most comfortable with, whoever is cheapest or hopefully they check off both those boxes. As long as you’re getting the best deal you can find it doesn’t matter how much someone makes.

The great thing about free market capitalism is competition. If one broker is taking too much someone else will step in and either put him out of business or force him to lower his pricing. Same thing works with dealers. I love the competition I have with other brokers bc it keeps myself and my dealers in check. Right now with Rona inventory my main dealer raised their pricing. But I still haven’t seen anyone beat their pricing and until they do I can’t exactly pressure them down anymore.

At the end of the day I sell more when my pricing is as low as possible. I’d prefer selling 20 cars at $500 each then 5 cars at $2000. Those 20 people will tell more people about their amazing deal then the 5 will about their mediocre deal.


Agreed! I have observed that buyer’s agents will fight for every dime and that’s why it’s best that they don’t also accept $ from the dealers or they will be serving two masters.

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So it’s ok for you to make thousands from every deal, but it’s not ok for someone else?


Ouch! Wow…

Must be for a certain clientele (guessing not LH). If I were raking in millions and looking to purchase/lease a hard to find luxury car/exotic, I would not mind hiring a reputable broker to find me the car I want and deliver it to me (without setting foot at the dealership).

Not sure I would fork over 1000s of dollars, though.

I’m pretty sure some of the brokers double dip and get a few bucks from the dealer on each car.

I know a BMW sales manager that told me he would pay me $300 for each customer that I bought in and leased/purchased a car. It wasn’t on unicorn deals but pretty aggressive numbers . This was not recent, maybe a year or so ago and this is a dealer I know some of the known brokers here go thru…

Good for them tho, it’s a free market so why not …

I think an honest broker should charge the client a fee and negotiate on their behalf. that’s just my humble thoughts.