Can we not drive the car to different state without paying CA taxes lease/finance

I was shopping for my brother in Michigan from a local dealer in SoCal about NX200t and he says, without paying CA taxes he cannot drive to MI, he doesnt have to register but have to pay CA taxes ? How true is that.

Note: Shopping for my brother in SoCal for multiple reasons. 1. Co sign the lease, 2.Costlier cars in MI and they dont lease well

I have heard something like that that before. Something about not being able to drive off the lot without paying CA taxes. However, the dealership won’t charge CA tax if a shipper picks it up.

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So the vehicle should not drive on CA roads at all… the lexus dealer I talked doesnt ship by themselves, but I havent checked if I can have it shipped with 3rd party

I’m from Las Vegas originally, prior to moving to California I always leased my vehicles from Greg at Pacific BMW and never had an issue, he calculated my local tax and I gave a tag that allowed me to drive back to Las Vegas. Not sure if purchasing is a different story.

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Maybe it has to do with BA-ease having to co-sign and being a resident of CA?

I just leases a 7 series from CA. They gave me a one way registration with addresses of starting point and my home address. You must go home straight and not take a scenic route visiting all other states.

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However I am still driving on a separate 90 day temp registration. DMV here in ARIZONA is giving me a hard time. Going there 3rd time tomorrow.

nothing to do with my co-signing or being resident of CA.
Dealer explicitly said, if car has to be driven on CA roads, even for a bit they will need to pay taxes on it.
Just CA taxes and register in MI …
CA to MI taxes is 9 to 6% respectivley

Legally they can’t charge you that since your tax rate is lower…

Why are you shopping in Cali?

#1 You will need a power of attorney from the leasing company to register the car in AZ. Just call the leasing company and they will send it to you. Without this you cannot register the leased car that you do not own.

#2 Go to an off site DMV location. It will cost about $25 more than the regular DMV, but you will be in and out in just a few minuets.

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If your buying the car and driving it off of the lot (not having it trucked) you will need to pay local sales tax. You can avoid this by leasing (you will pay local tax on any down payments) but be taxed in your local tax rate on the future payments.

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Yes the dealership sent the power of attorney to DMV. Got my registration today. You will also need the ELT number from your CA dealership. Electronic lien Transfer.

In new york at the dmv they charge you

  1. I cannot find any nx200 F sport FWD with 40,000 price range and also they are not offering much discounts.
  2. I need to co-sign for him, since he may not have great credit to get best MF or APR

Detroit would be a challenge since they’re all owned by the Suburban Group.

if you need to cosign you most likely not get approved.

I sincerely doubt a lender will approve a deal with someone who is out of state - they usually throw a fit if the address is different.

We both will be present in person to co-sign if we do the deal in SoCal.
brother doesnt have bad credit, but may be tier 2 credit…
Areas around detroit are tough market for price negotiations. Found one cheaper car in Atlanta, but they budge to give atleast 10% discount on msrp which is kind of normal here in SoCal which I see in the LH forum

Doesn’t matter if you’re present or not.

The lender probably won’t approve a deal w/ an out of state cosigner … it’s all about your legal residence.

I’d probably ask the finance manager about your situation as Infiniti might be different… doubt it though.

@King0fspades what kind of hard time Arizona DMV gave you to register in AZ? or was it just because leasing company did not sent power of attorney? I wanted to know because I need to do the same soon!

I don’t think that’s true when I lived in AZ I bought a BMW through pacific BMW in Glendale. I never paid CA taxes or registered the car in CA. They collected AZ sales tax and they gave me a little window sticker that allowed me to drive the car back to AZ where I registered it

I leased my car. BMW dealership made a mistake on the owner VSLI instead on VLSI. Just two alphabets swapped. I was asked to go back to the dealer, fill out a new title application. Took me 3 trips to DMV.