Can someone check this lease


2019 BMW 540i X drive
MSRP $ 72,085.00
Sell price $ 67,760 (I was told this is invoice)
Additional monies totaling $ 4000 off invoice for this lease
Residual is 57%
Money Factor is .00177
Lease is 36 months / 15 K
Taxes are in the payment
As of 4/25/2019 payment is $ 898.00/month

Expecting an extra 1000 - 1500 in extra off invoice monies in June and if that happens I was told I would be able to take advantage of follows:

If extra 1000 is available above price will drop to $ 864.00/month
If extra 1500 is available above price will drop to $ 850.00/month

So how did I do? and can someone confirm that this is in fact the correct money factor for a 540 x drive at 36 / 15K?


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