California CVRP Rebate is back! ($1,000 - $4,500)

Not sure if this was posted or if I’m in the right section but when I last checked - here is what I saw:

Funding has been approved for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) and is now available for both waitlisted and new applicants.
The waitlist that started on April 23, 2021 has ended as of September 15, 2021. Learn more about when waitlist applications will receive rebate checks in our FAQ “What does the rebate waitlist mean to me?"



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Just bought a 2022 Kia Niro EV but for some reason 2022 isn’t on the eligible list :hot_face:

I think I have 60 days to apply but what are the chances 2022 will not be added in time?

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Email them or call the number. It may just be oversight.

I see it there.


It wasn’t there this morning! :open_mouth:

They update the list slowly. When I leased my 2019 i3, the website was only updated after I submitted the car.

For anyone looking to buy an i3: $2k cvrp + $11k penfed bonus cash + $7500 fed


Would all 3 of those rebates stack?

All three are coming from different sources, why wouldn’t they?


Don’t forget the $1500 CCFR.


does that put money in your pocket on an i3 if and only if you live in cali?

On a purchase? No.

After Nov it’s the $750 CCFR

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Lame, 4xe and 330e aren’t on the list.

What’s lame? Any car under 40 miles on battery wouldn’t appear on that list.


Wasn’t aware of that part, makes sense. Didn’t know the Rav4 prime had 45.

Correction, 40. But yes Toyota was mighty pissed when the Prius Prime fell off 2 years ago.

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4xe is already cheap enough.

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And your point is? hehe. People like free money, and the fact that a 4xe is the same price as Tesla.