Calculator Fee Options

I would like to suggest adding “pay upfront” option to each fee instead of only allowing it for acquisition fee.
It was difficult using calculator for my lease because I only paid registration and first month upfront. The numbers just didn’t match (I haven’t tried using negative numbers).


Good idea :+1:t4:

I think a vastly more useful feature would be something that allows you to just type in what you want the das amount to be. It’s too easy for a dealer to do some up front and others not.

Adjusting down payment into negative is what I’ve been doing, and it’s hit or miss and trial and error. I’d love this.

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I would value this tweak as well. Roll-in or DAS toggle option for each fee line item.

Each dealer treats fees differently. Ex, some capitalize doc fee, some do not. Flexibility in the calculator helps avoid “ad hoc” figure manipulation when you input variables.

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