Calculator/Deal Check (BoltMania)..Is this correct enough to begin shopping it around?

I borrowed some figures (dealer fees, etc) from a recent (Zendub’s) deal to assist me in prepping an offer.

Bolt LT, Option DC Fast Charge ($750) is the MSRP.
My Incentives are minimal: $5750 Dealer Cash, $3000 Costco, $1400 Bay Area Incremental CCR. No loyalty or conquest, very first lease. Post rebates are $2000 CVRP, $800 PG&E. I wanted 15K miles, and the calculator dropped the .53 RV to .50, and I have to hope that is correct. When initial quote shopping, there was variance in the cost of 15K (1 was $1400, another was $1K), so this seems negotiable. Does this look correct, if not hopeful for 10% off MSRP? Cheers!

Update your title to be more useful and descriptive.

Sorry…my first rodeo…

:man_facepalming: Are people supposed to guess this is for a Bolt?

:rofl: nah… must be an Ioniq… :grin:

Every 4th post is a Bolt, so its probably the first guess anyway.


Boltvision is replacing Beemervision! Thanks and fixed.

Leases for Bolts are amazing! As my friend told me tonight, too bad that with this lease, you end up with one for 3 years!

Got a different car for the hotties, for sure.

Trust me… The ladies LOVE the Bolt :joy:. Edmunds confirms 50% RV at 15k.You don’t qualify for loyalty or conquest?


I contacted every Chevy dealer in my state and went back and forth with a few - ended up settling on a 8% MSRP discount. Nobody liked talking about percentages, by the way - the only language they liked was $$$ off and monthly payment. One of them did confirm to me that towards the end of the month, Chevy releases additional money for deals to dealership that are desperate to hit their numbers, so you might wanna wait a couple of weeks to call around … Good luck!

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Lease conquest is 1500 and loyalty is the same if I’m not mistaken.

Yeah they should be the same, I just didn’t see OP referencing either in the list of rebates they mentioned.

I doubt I’m as disarming as you, so your trophy car is much more likely to lead to a trophy wife. I’m just annoyed at waiting in the gas line at Costco, so I can wait in line at Targets Charge Point. lol

Corrected op, yep first lease, so no loyalty or conquest…yet!

Good to know! Did you start at 10 percent or higher? If I want 10, should I start at 12? (Classic technique, the name which eludes me right now)
Edit: highball/low-ball…sheese, should’ve been easy to remember, I’m old.

I started at 11% … was a lil ambitious. I think it really varies greatly state-to-stet what dealers are willing / able to do. There are not many cars on the lots here which makes getting a steep discount harder.

If you push for too much, your offer will end up in the trash rather than with a counter.


I still wanna know how that one poster in the Chicago area got 15%.

He brought blow to the sales desk