Calculator bug on demo mileage?

With 4439 mileage, total cost is 14883,

change mileage to 1000, total cost is 13976. Does it mean less mileage cost less?

With everything else being equal, obviously a higher RV will make the lease cheaper than a lower RV.

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Yes, a loaner lease with more miles has a lower RV, so you’re paying more money.

$860 cheaper at $0.25/mile

Agreed with the above. Compared to a new car, a loaner only makes sense if the additional discount you get exceeds the reduction in the residual value.

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Every brand has their own method of adjusting the residual value of the vehicle due to it being used and having miles on which means, The more miles on the car, the lesser will be the residual value hence, higher payment. So you have to negotiate more on sales price to make up for that lost residual value.
Benz loaners are not adjusted for first 3k miles
BMW loaner are not adjusted for first 5oo miles.