Cadillac Dealer Refuses to Refund Lyriq Preorder

Ordered a Lyriq AWD. There were some red flags in my convo with the sales rep. With no other dealer near, decided to cancel. Dealer flat out refuses to refund. Cadillac is in contact with them telling them to do so and they just….won’t. I know it’s just $100 but kind of a big kink in the chain if GM expects to rely on individual dealers. This whole experience has made sure I’ll never get anything in that family again (currently have a Yukon as well).

Type up a google review of the dealer explaining what happened.

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I’ve still got some metaphorical arrows in my quiver, but I’m trying to give them every possible opportunity to do the right thing before I make this ugly. It’s been two months and they won’t even respond. Cadillac corporate is chasing down their GM again and requested another week of patience. It’s been two months. We’ll see.

You are too nice. You can take down the google review once they fix the issue.

Then look into getting a Fisker instead. :slight_smile:


If you paid with credit card, why not charge back under cancelled services/goods? Seems to be a pretty easy case with all the emails/exchanges you have from corporate.


Yeah, one of the options. Avoiding anything that leads to a pissing match for five more days.

Writing a nasty internet review (which would be the truth) and telling your credit card it’s a fraudulent charge don’t seem at all “nasty” when the dealership has been refusing a refund for two months. IMHO, that’s the minimum you should do…

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And I will after this Friday. I even have a sworn statement from my credit card company saying I never got refunded. But I’m overly midwestern in being nice.

It’s not a “fraudulent” charge. He paid the deposit. Doesn’t change the fact that he can dispute it since the deposit is refundable.

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Correct - disputing gets messy when it was a legitimate charge at the time.

Yes, you are correct, it’s a “disputed charge.”

Do you want to simply complain or do you want to get this resolved?

The dealer is illegally holding onto your $. You seem unwilling to use some fairly easy means to get the funds back. The dealer isn’t going to do the “right thing” unless you provide them w/ motivation to do so.

I’ve disputed charges like this b/f (valid charge at the time but vendor won’t provide refund). It’s really not that messy at all, unless your credit-card company stinks.

Like I said, I’m doing this soon. I have a list of things prepared. But Cadillac has asked for another week and done so sincerely (they’ve been okay to work with) and I’m giving them that.

My midwesterness having been shamed, I disputed this with AmEx.


Let us know if they sustain the chargeback, since what you have now is a temporary credit.

If not, small claims court.

I’m all ready for small claims! It’s not often my extremely boring job will come in handy in my personal life. Obviously much easier to not deal with any of that.

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Let us know how it goes. I’m intrigued, the time and effort it’d take to represent the dealer in small claims is well over the original $100.

Wonder if they’ll even show up.

That’s why I have the note from AmEx. I have the docs mostly ready. Seems insane but I have just enough time and resources to enjoy this.

Also I preordered a Fisker because why not.

Ford was smart to start moving EV sales to a direct to consumer/online pricing model.

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Find your state government agency that issues car dealership licenses, and file a complaint with the agency.

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Can you not switch to another dealer then cancel?