C300 4MATIC Loaner with 5500 mile lease quote check


I got a lease quote from a dealer for a c300 4matic loaner with 5500 miles. The acquisition fee of $1095 and $1095 Bank fee, $499 dealer doc fee $223 registration are rolled into monthly payments but not sure if tax is, with residual 0.55 and mf 0.00056. They gave 14% off discount and when I asked for like 18-20% off since it’s a loaner with 5500 miles, they said they can’t give more than 14% off unless I already am leasing a vehicle from Mercedes, which I’m not. Is this an okay deal? If not, how should I approach to the dealer to ask for more?

Also, the mileage under current payment says 10000 but under that, option 1 says 12000. Which one of these two are being used?

Thank you in advance!

From a different dealer, I got this lease quote for a new C300 4MATIC.

MSRP: $50745
Sales price: $45671 (10% off)
Drive-Off: $2500
MF: 0.00099
RV: 0.56

Monthly payment with tax: $612/month

I don’t think the mf is base mf, but it doesn’t seem like they will do the base mf.

Would this be better or the deal for the loaner that I posted above be better?

Why not just ask the dealer?

Should’ve done that before I emailed him saying that I’ll think about the deal lol Yeap I’ll email him about that

Usually I don’t intervene on individual choices but seeing this being $200+/mth more than the Lexus signed below, I wanted to send you the option.

Yeah I saw this, but he got like $8500 incentives and MF 0.00001 lol Mines not even close haha

I’d take neither of those deals, both suck. $600/mo for a C class, are sedans suddenly popular?

I just like sedans better than SUVs

$600 for a loaner C Class? You gotta be kidding me…

No and no.

I am asking for base money factor for the new c300, but not sure if they will do it. And I can’t get any loyalty since it’s my first time leasing a car from mb.

Aren’t these numbers just a little less than what people are/were getting for C43s?

Admittedly, you’re looking at pretty highly optioned cars, but these deals both stink.

I admit that I suck at negotiating…

Maybe consider using a broker or contacting out-of-state dealers? Not sure what the market in CT is like.