C-300 Loaner deal - pls let me know if this is a good deal

Firstly I would like thank everyone for the tremendous info posted on the forums here…I am leasing for the first time so wanted to make sure the below deal looks alright…it’s for a C-300 exloaner and has everything I need P1 package, panoramic roof, heated seats and heated steering wheel.

MSRP $46,755.00
Discount $11,735.51 Discount 25.10%

Final Sale Price $35,019.50

Lease term 36
Annual Miles 12000

Residual Value $27,585.45 Residual value 59.00%
Less Residual Adjustment for extra miles $751.80
Final Residual Value $26,833.65

Total Depreciation Charge $8,185.85

Acquisition Fee $995.00

Money Factor 0.00038
Total Finance charges $856.44

Monthly Lease payment before Tax $278.81

Document Fees $399.00
Total NJ Tax $717.49 NJ tax of 6.875%

Lic, fees, registraton, etc $390.00

Final Monthly Lease payment Including Tax and Document fees $320.66

MSD’s $3,500

Total drive off $3,820.66 (MSD + 1st month payment)

Feedback will be really appreciated


Seriously one of the better c300 loaner deals I see here
Take the deal quick

Good deal on a low mileage loaner. You did great on your first lease, congrats.

Is this a 2017 or 2018?

Looks good for a deeply discounted c300 at decent MF. Enjoy your car.

That seems mighty solid!

Very nice. I got 15% off an almost identical model in Sept, so 25% seems right for a used loaner.

Way better deal than I can find in Ohio/PA. How many miles were on the car? Can you give the dealership name as I am looking for a similar MB for my wife? Thanks

extra miles $751.80 / 0.25 = ~3,000 miles?

All I can find is 14/15% discounts on demos with less than 3000 miles in Ohio and PA. Going to wait until the end of the year.

Take a trip to MD or VA, larger discounts to be had there. And you get to enjoy new car on the drive back.

Curious what dealer this is in NJ. Looks like a great deal.

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yes can you share the dealer please?

Make the drive to Maryland / Virginia

how do u guys find loaner/demo?

very few websites have it listed

Search for 2017 used on dealer websites. In theory they are not supposed to apply new car lease/purchase incentives to the vehicles which have been CPO’d, but there are plenty of examples on here of people who leased 2017 CPOs as new cars.

i tried searching used cars with under 10k miles but no go.

are CPO cars okay to lease from some dealers? interesting

Varies from dealer to dealer. I find one on their website and email them if it is still available for lease. The only time a MB dealer has told me no is if the vehicle has over 10K miles. [Granted not all those queries were for CPO vehicles]

Thanks for the input guys…I am still awaiting the final email quote from the dealer…I will talk to the dealer and if he is ok I will surely pass on the info…
The mileage on the car is ~6500 and they charge for miles above 3500 hence the residual adjustment…is it safe to lease a car with 7k to 9k miles though?

Just be sure your vehicle will be under warranty for entire term. Read the carfax to check in service date and be sure that your lease mileage wont take you outside of warranty, typically only a risk if you use 15k per year for 3 years.