C-300 Loaner deal - pls let me know if this is a good deal

Actually just found out that the actual miles on the car is 9,300 and the warranty started on 2/23/2017…so if I look at my lease starting this month it should end with around 45,000 miles and by 11/2020…so it should still be under the warranty of 4 years / 50,000 miles right?

Does anyone see nay concerns? What should I check for before I sign?

I can’t come up with such a deal on the east coast, or the Midwest for that matter. Dealers are not offering a MF of .00038, nor a discount off of the MSRP of 25%. The residual, doc, and acquisition fees are in line. I’m getting discounts from 16-19% off, and MF from .00129-.00089. Hopefully I will get there. That’s a great deal if you can sign the papers as is.

At 12k miles a year how is the residual 59%!?

Oh is this a 4-Matic?