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In the current scenario, when vehicles have been selling above sticker and good lease deals are hard to come by, which vehicles (luxury SUV) if bought at sticker price is a good deal?

Are you asking which SUVs provide the most value for the MSRP? I really don’t think any of them provide such an incredible value that they are worth paying sticker price for, especially since they are depreciating assets being sold as a markup. I believe that Volvo XC90 leases are still somewhat competitive in this market and they are still offering small incentives for cash purchase as well. It’s probably the best SUV for the money right now.

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You lost me at sticker price.

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I echo the responses above. I purchased a GLS63 at sticker a couple months ago. Since the RV and MF (even with MSDs) sucked, I went down the purchase route as since Mercedes is suspending V8 production for 2022, I knew that I could potentially resell it. So, quantitatively, its not a ‘deal,’ but qualitatively, given the crazed SoCal market and the fact that my wife loves it more than me, it was a deal.

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What about a Lexus RX or Porsche Macan? Every dealer is selling them for 5-10k above MSRP. So getting those at MSRP, considering their low depreciation, might be a good deal. Thoughts?

Probably not a bad plan for a Macan.

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Any true full size SUV. Escalades are prolly 20-30k over sticker. I am sure suburbans and Yukons are similar.

Full-size SUVs have historically been a terrible value at MSRP; the inflated stickers were purposely done to (A) show dumb consumers a big fat discount and fool them into believing they were getting a great deal, and (B) create a false sense of worth for vehicles that had much cheaper underpinnings, materials, and build quality.

I have been searching for a good lease deal in the market, but haven’t been able to find something which is worthy.
The X3s are mostly selling above MSRP, and very inflated MF. The best I was able to get was some 4-5% off MSRP through a broker.
Lexus RX350 - I think buying it would make better sense considering the low depreciation, but even the best deal that i got on them was selling at MSRP. Not sure if buying a RX350 at MSRP is a god option.

Any tips what to do? Seems that the market is going for the worse. Is buying a better option during these times compared to leasing?

Get with LeaseCompanion.

Absent inflated RVs, lease incentives and low MF, yes, buying is often financially more attractive.

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So why not order one at 5% off MSRP? Am I missing something?


Because it’s still a terrible lease?

G wagon or any 911 variant if you can get it.

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G wagons are going for 100k+ over sticker. Pleaseeee

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Unless OP is looking to order a Jeep Wrangler 4XE or GC L, most cars/SUVs are selling at or over MSRP.

Yepp, especially if a person is trying to find an inventoried unit. I’ve heard some of the truck orders are quite backed up as well…

Well that’s my point with the “if you can get it” part. In fairness to that, over on MBWorld, there are owners who got allocations a year or two ago whose dealers are honoring MSRP so those guys can probably rely on their car holding value.

Where I used to live, the local dealer doesn’t do ADM on anything. They have a 3 year est. for their waiting list last I checked about 2 months ago.

They had a GTR Black and they sold it at sticker…

Re. if you can get it, if you do, it’s equivalent to a lottery winning (and with market prices as it, It actually is equal to a lottery prize lol).

There’s a lot more to a good or even decent lease deal than just discount from MSRP.