Buying a used Tesla?

Anyone have experience with this?

From the outside looking in it seems like they have a solid pre owned warranty (ignoring parts availability and potential service faults) and aside from any mishaps like a major collision and repair the Model 3 seems to hold value considerably better than any leasing situation available to the common man (ignoring the fact you can’t buy out your Model 3 when leasing from captive)

I could always just stick to leasing overpriced German metal of course. I ask here because I’d really rather not source information from the most rabid group of fan boy/girls since Apple became “cool” again.

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Come on, lay it out…what deal you are looking at? It must be something good since you are giving it this much thought.


The car I’m looking at is a long range rear wheel drive for less than what a new standard range plus would run me.

Would I be happier with a new P3D? Undoubtedly but this is less than 3/5 the cost and still gives me the longer range I want without jumping in blind to the tune of 65K+ Tax.

Tesla is turning a corner – Just be wary of body fit and finish (rust) – Also the model Y is coming out and may drive down model 3 prices further.


I’m not that concerned about the Model Y driving down the price of the Model 3. It’s a different car for a different segment (yes, I’m aware everybody loves SUVs and crossovers.)

If anything that may increase my chances of a used P3D being cheaper later on. :upside_down_face:

I’m not necessarily set on this car yet and if I lose $100 now on a deposit to get an even better deal then I can deal with that. Lord knows I’ve made much bigger financial blunders! :joy:

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Yes, it’s hard to tell what’s fiction or fact. For a BMW you have the fans and the indifferents. You ask the fans and they will brag about their BMW to the moon. With Tesla is a bit different…there is a group above fans, even more fanatics which caused a haters group to form. The tug a war is fucking annoying. Best thing you can do is talk to owners…but they can be pretty enthusiastic too and for reasons not necessarily related to how good the car is.

Probably the AWD then. I recently drove this same car for a bit, it’s crazy how much power it has…it was like a silent rollercoaster.


I have a good friend who bought a used Model S and loved it until he sold it.
The dual motor model 3 I was just in was FAST and seemed really cool
Also FWIW I know a car collector who has several 7-figure cars and he just got the performance model 3 and absolutely loves it.
If it is a good deal and you can make it work for your lifestyle it seems like they are a smart move.
Lots of cool features and you never need to pay for gas.

Honestly, at a good price, a CPO will most likely not be a bad car “investment”…I don’t see much risk in it as you can always sell after warranty expires. I don’t know what it would take for RVs to collapse in such way to give you a big loss…values are holding up very well now.
They don’t have any data for the 3…
Compare to the BMWs…

Tesla Showroom Deals on Facebook is a pretty good resource. People ask for deal evaluations and other general questions and most of the time decent information, without snarky responses.

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May have hit on a showroom P3D at 8% off as well. More details to come.

So a $13k+ spread between the P3D and the ADW? Not worth it! I would still go for the AWD…even though the P3D gets 4 year warranty as opposed to 2 for the CPO.

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First car RWD long range not AWD. If it was AWD there’d be no question to ask about it as I could probably drive it for a year and more or less break even outside of sales tax paid.

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Can you negotiate pricing on a cpo Tesla?

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They run on a one price model. That being said they seem to be pretty aggressive about updating pricing until something moves. If you believe the aggregator sites then you can see some cars that started off in the mid 60’s all the way down to high 50’s usually within one or two months time. They don’t really have anything to gain by sitting on cars.


You should seen in March of this year… early 60k cars were being discounted to late 40ks to get some $$ flowing

For online ordering…yes…but end of Q is approaching and you know what that means for floor and demo models.

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Yeah. I’m reaching out to see if i can do better than 8% one i managed to snag an placeholder for. I can switch the order to something better or perhaps a “stealth” P3D as it’s referred to…

I will say this about the Tesla shopping experience. So far it seems to be everything I’d read and feared about regarding slow responses. Not impressed at this but perhaps I come out of it with a great buyhack…

While updating my preferences on the site, I decided to look once more on the inventory search and in a moment of pure dumb luck stumbled upon a used P3D in-state (No fly and drive and no overpriced Tesla Shipping) for 20% off original 65K sticker.

Even factoring in the $1,875 tax credit on the new showroom car I’m still saving an additional 10% in exchange for 10K miles and 1 model year. Worth it or stick to my showroom fart car?

So what exactly are you looking at in terms of savings? ~$5K? I would look at it this way…if the cars are the same then the price difference is the warranty (2 extra years). What would you pay for that?

In reality just a year of warranty and 10K miles. I know I’ll blow through the miles anyway so the time isn’t really a factor.

The difference here is I’m flying out and driving the new car home vs just picking up the used one locally since in my home city.