Buying a loaner vs leasing new

I just bought a 2018 service loaner CPO mercedes c300 convertible. MSRP was 56k and I paid 36k. Car is like brand new. I financed the car for 72 month. Paid 5700 down and pay 540 per month for 72 month. Is that a good deal or would I have been better of leasing a new car?

One can’t likely lease a 2018 MB so the rest of the talk is somewhat hypothetical.

So you’re paying 5700 + (72 * 540) = 44,580 minus whatever she’s worth after the note is paid. I’m guessing somewhere in the high teens but what do I know.

I suspect that for a convertible, you’re probably financially breaking even mas or menos versus leasing, due to the :poop: RV and MF on the coupes, let alone the verts.

The unknowns can break or make this, though, as you’re likely going or be out of warranty before the note is paid, and that is uncertain ground with any :de: car. How many miles you drive can really throw this whole thing wonky as well as accidents (not your fault still can diminish value substantially).

Enjoy the ride.


I’ve played with fire before buying German cars and luckily came out unscathed.

The reality though is nearly any modern luxury car regardless of origin can eventually become a basket case (Imagine my surprise when my Lexus LS F-Sport started nickel and diming me not long after it’s CPO warranty ran out)

My total guess is that you’ll be about even with the loan vs value in 3 yrs. so you will have paid $25k by then. What would a new lease cost you over that term? The only way you would come out ahead vs leasing is to hope to enjoy it for many years to come without having to put much money into it. Will that happen? Unlikely.

What’s the interest rate on that?

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FYI, you got the answer

The interest rate is 3.99% for 72 month.

I see there were few deals which trump this. I am a strong leasing fan but I think in this case buying was the better option. Here are my points:

  • I am going to drive this car a lot (maybe I should have said that at the beginning), with leasing I would have been limited
  • The car has currently 50 month of warranty. I am planning to buy another 2 years for 2k. This extended warranty is directly from Mercedes and with that I will have 6 years of unlimited mileage warranty. I don’t know if there is any better warranties out there.
  • I got 35% off the MSRP, even with the best leasing deals, this level off discount is pretty rare
  • The combination of color and options I have with my car can’t be found anywhere, Mercedes is not making those rims anymore. One of the reasons I bought the car is the way it looks.
  • If after 6 years I decide to sell the car, I should be able to get some decent amount for the car
  • Insurance of a used car is significantly cheaper and will go down year after year

Is it nice to drive every 2-3 years a brand new car? Sure but I think there are cases where buying a car makes more sense. Thoughts?


I lease two cars and bought my third. Third car is a brand new 2019 AWD hemi police Charger which I bought for $26k, great deal with sticker being $42k. The deal was too good not to buy. I do prefer leasing though over buying


It is the same for me, I am usually a big leasing fan. My other car is an infiniti q50 luxe which I leased for 0 down and 235 per month, that is of course a no brainer, you can drive a cheaper half luxury car. Although the Mercedes deal was just too good to not go for it.

@jimubab how was a new police vehicle available for sale to the general public?

It’s not but if you’re on the job they had a first responder pricing program and had to bring a letter from your chief. They just eliminated the program this month. It comes and goes