Buy vs lease vw id 4

Can any hackers with experience school me in the buy vs lease when one is better financially then the other. I’m doing research on the vw id 4 awd pro. It’s my wife’s car as I will have a corvette in the driveway so I want her to get what she wants. She has a Tiguan currently on lease and she loves vw but she wants a faster suv. I tried shoving her to audi but she doesn’t like interior. So I’ll keep working her but the numbers to vw I’d 4 are what they are.

Msrp will be 49370 and I highly doubt any rebate. I live in ny so no msd. In essence doing a 0 down lease will cost roughly 660 a month or paying taxes and fees upfront will be 550. Taxed incentives will be 7500 fed rebate and 2000 nys rebate. Residual will go with 46 percent .00089 mf coming from co founder on this site.

Other option is to buy for 53k with tax before the 9500 in rebates so car would let’s say 43k. My concern is owning an ev with the resales being so crappy. Plus this option would force me to eat into savings but I would have my corvette and this car paid off allowing me to bring back my savings relatively quickly.

With a hacker score of 7.0 and if my wife MUST have this car, wat is the better option in your opinion??? Thanks y’all. Yes FYI I know this car makes prob little sense when it comes to deals out there just looking for the better of the crappier options

If you lease this dont expect the 7500 rebate. Lessors do not have to pass through the rebate and 1st model years usually dont and how did you get a MF and RV from a car that isnt due out for maybe a year?

Vw is notorious for late delivery of their new models especially their electric ones

Vw already stated they will pass the rebate on. The mf and residual was reversed engineered by the co founder of this website and was done on other sites as well confirming. So I’m confident on the crappy numbers I provided lol

Could you get an old egolf and paint it gradient and she wont know for years? Haha

Hmm can you give me a llink where they said they would passthrough the rebate?

Yup i found it in offramp, i guess i didnt build it far enough to see that.

Let review the sizes and give you a comparison

I’d be getting awd pro with stalemate. It’s like 49370 msrp w destination included.

I was going to say etron but nope she doesnt like it.

I dont like to buy EVs because of battery life so if you must have…happy wife , happy life?

Now part of that deal post includes dealer contribution, that might get sticky when this car first comes out

Leasing w a 650 payment doesn’t kill my budget. Buying w 53k cash hurts me but I’ll recover 9k back and I’ll have zero car payment which I’ll bank into savings. I just don’t know if owning ev is right call. Or having 650 lease payment on 50k car. Both suck it’s which one is less risky which I’m guessing is lease Bc I don’t have to deal w resale side??

I don’t think I would purchase a non-tesla ev. Too much residual value unpredictability. I’d rather vw hold the depreciation risk bag.


I’m willing to wager, that an advertised deal will be honored.

Owning an ev means you get to watch the range meter drop after year 3. It stinks

You will be paying such a premium for this I doubt it would make any financial sense, I’d just lease another Tiguan or whatever is a deal at the time. Buying this thing would be a total mistake, VW’s first clean sheet electric, hard pass. This site is all about lease “deals”, I doubt any deal will be had on this unless the same thing happens like the e tron, excess inventory and no demand.

Already confirmed by the crap residual

Driving a Tiguan, it won’t take much to put her in something “fast” next time. That thing is so detuned.


Thanks joe makes sense. Much appreciated

Esp if the rumored Tiguan R ever makes it stateside…

Not sure how an ID4 is going to be meaningfully faster with all that weight. There are much better ways to get SUVs faster than a Tiguan.

twin motors…sorta like a tesla

My parents have an ID.4 1st Edition on order. Supposed to arrive in March 2021. We’ll probably lease it to take instant advantage of the $7,500 tax credit, provided the MF is reasonable. And if it turns out to be reliable, we’ll probably buy out the lease.

Won’t be a cheap lease relative to MSRP but they want a long-range crossover EV, and the ID.4 seems to make the most sense. Other candidates are Mustang Mach-E (more expensive), Model Y (way more expensive), Nissan Ariya (not available until end of 2021), and RAV4 Prime (may as well go full EV at that price).

As far as the ID.4 resale value, I’m optimistic that it will be decent. Cars that have trouble selling and need big discounts have crap residual value, but the ID.4 seems well-priced and the 1st Edition cars sold out quickly.

I would not expect a brand-new new platform from VW to be anything close to reliable. European car mags are already complaining pretty loudly about the new steering wheel controls in the Golf (which I guess isn’t technically a reliability thing). But I guess we will see…

Like the guy in France with one of the first Etrons… it’s been in the shop more than he’s had it.