Bulletproof glass on a Koenigsegg

Just wanted to shared with the LH community that we had a client who called on asking if we can install bullet proof windows on the Koenigsegg that he ordered. Thoughts?


I bet it will be an all cash deal.


Sounds like a reasonable request to me.

It is a cash deal.


Just the glass?

Demonstrate it to him by throwing heavy metal balls at it.


Unless your shop is in the business of armor, I’d instead refer them to a reputable professional.


Did see a video of a CEO of a armored glass company behind a windshield that they were shooting at to prove it’s solid. Powerful statement.

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These work really well.


Seems a little pointless given the body is [I’m assuming] carbon fiber. Carbon is brittle and has poor impact properties, so couldn’t someone just aim for a door versus the window?

The car has to come apart and I can’t fathom the liability for a company that might be willing to do that.

Perhaps start with either:
Alpine Armoring (Northern Virginia) https://www.alpineco.com/
or Inkas Armoring (Toronto) https://inkasarmored.com/

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A reputable shop will armor that too.

Can’t wait to see his YouTube video!

“I bought a $2 million Koenigsegg and installed bulletproof windows so I could shoot it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!”


They should get a MB S-Guard as the daily and keep the Koenigsegg (unmodified) as a weekend car, for when the junta dies down.

Viva la Generalisimo.

Nothing sketch going on here lmfao everyone move along nicely


He is trying to beat this claim

Bulletproof glass on a supercar will kill the driving aerodynamics with all that extra weight on the front end. These cars are designed to the last ounce in weight. An extra 100 lbs for bulletproof glass is silly. It’s like putting tractor tires on a sports car.


Should have asked him if he wanted bulletproof tires too

wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the car :joy: :joy: “weight savings”

Pretty sure people aren’t going to be lining up to shoot you on the track which is where this car belongs, some people just don’t have a brain it seems.

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I don’t think even you guys could install that level of armor, but armor max does custom jobs, they do like 4K cars a year out of Utah and other, less savory, locations.

lol, we will not be doing it.


Don’t turn down a mafia boss my guy. Just jack up price $500k or something and get it done.
Better yet sell him BS coating that makes it bulletproof. Not like he’s actually gonna shoot his Koenigsegg to verify

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