Building my deal 2020 Honda Odyssey touring

I am in Dallas, TX and building my 1st deal. I have questions about the incentive. I asked on edmunds and got mf .00112 / rv: 58% for 12k/36 mo & 750 incentive. My questions are is this 750 applied to the agreed sales price and what does Honda do to confirm loyalty offer of 1k? Thanks

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the $750 incentive is part of the agreed sales price. You need to have an active registration or insurance policy showing a 2010 or newer Honda from anyone in the household to get the $1000 Loyalty


Since you are in TX i hope u at least see if the Honda dealers have tax credits to use.

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What is the tax credit and where is it applied to in the lease numbers? Thanks

Does Honda randomly decide whether it is registration or insurance. My brother has new civic that would qualify which I would gladly pay the insurance on for a month. I also thought about buying a cheap car at auction that qualifies and flipping afterwards.

Here is my lease deal in Dallas, TX on a Honda Odyssey Touring. Still negotiating on price but I can’t get their initial numbers to match up. Edmonds said mf .00112/ RV 58% & 750 incentive.

Here is the lease hacker calculator

Weird things I notice from the dealer sheet is that tax rate is more than 6.25%(I figured this out in Texas dealer try to tack on inventory tax) which is what Dallas County says is the automobile tax rate and non tax fees of $825 are almost triple of what other dealers have quoted me for same vehicle.

$2323 in fees built in through the locks/tray/splash guard, pin stripe, tints, and “non-tax fees” All of them look very expensive/huge profit for dealer… (e.g., wheel locks/trunk tray/splash guards shows on the honda “build my car” site as being $319, and there is usually pretty decent profit at those prices too… I’ve never paid over $100 for 2 front windows from a good tint shop using good Suntek carbon tint)

Might want to reach out to other dealer internet sales to get quotes and not walk into a dealer for more quotes… Any buy your accessories after the fact

Link a calculator for your target deal based on your research so far.

Ideal Lease

Above is my ideal lease. I adjusted the price removing the propack markup. I adjusted the tax to 6.25% removing the inventory tax markup and looking at other deals in Texas I adjusted the document fee to 350 and I added the $750 dealer cash that I was shown was available on Edmunds. At the Dealer they didn’t want to apply this 750 to the deal.

I got the dealer to remove the propack and the inventory tax. Now I am trying to figure out if Honda Financial actually charges a lease acquisition fee in Texas and how much is it. Some of the quotes from different dealers have it and others do not. Trying to reduce my drive off amount now.

To help out anyone else in Texas that is doing a lease through Honda Financial Services they DO NOT CHARGE an acquisition fee or bank fee. I spent an hour on hold with Financial Services to get this info. If you see this fee tell them to take that junk off.

Have you talked to other dealers? With as much crap as these aholes have tacked I would be inclined to shop around, a lot.

The acq fee sounds out of context, everyone charges one on a lease so I think you or whoever you talked to on the phone are/is confused about what was being talked about.

Houston dealer showing an acq fee, if it wasn’t allowed Honda would kick the contract

Wait what?

Is there any confirmation for this ? seems unreal.

Well the thing that was odd to me was when I was getting quotes some dealer were charging them and others were not.Then when I googled Honda and acquisition fee nothing concrete popped up so I decided to call Honda Financial Services to get it from the horses mouth. The rep that answered wasn’t sure and asked her supervisor and she told me that Honda Financial does not charge an acquisition fee on their leases because it is built into the loan. It seems like some dealers add a lot of junk fees and people don’t question them.

Can you show us a real lease worksheet (not that junk one you posted above) that does NOT list the acq fee?

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That sheet doesn’t have the lease acq fee but I am pretty sure they stuck it in non tax fees because my buddy that owns several dealership confirmed that this should be more than around 300 to 350 bucks.

I am going back this evening to maybe close the deal if they really are going to honor everything they have said via text and email and we are close to what the lease calculator says. I will post the final deal If it happens.

All HFS leases have an acq fee. Just because those crappy sheets don’t list it doesn’t mean it’s not being charged.

Honda financial has a $595 Aquisition fee on all their leases (In California anyway). There is a way to waive Aquisition by raising the money factor but it almost always costs more doing it that way

HFS allows it? I’ve only see waiving the acq fee with BMWFS and GMF deals before.