Broker leasing question

No other broker has declined to work with me, he told me that he’s spoken to other brokers and bc I asked them about the same car as well (me shopping around) it’s like I’m wasting time so then no one will work with me

This is great info! I didn’t know that I didn’t know there’s specific people you can contact with issues/concerns. Thank you


I’m learning “shrug and go on with life”

I just hate when people treat others bad and don’t want anyone else to experience that

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why not say who it is?

Then we can hear both sides of the story.

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I doubt any broker would decline a deal just because they worked with another broker

I’m hoping they’ll see this post and comment themselves because If I put their name you hear “i’m throwing them under the bus” I’m not here to interrupt anyone livelihood. If they want to out themself that’s fine we can have that convo. This happened last night so it’s very current.

I just don’t want this happening to anyone else as a new user I thought being blacklisted was a real thing and I didn’t think it’s fair that I’m blacklisted for shopping around when I did not have any commitment with someone nor was I using their deal to ask other dealers to beat. I think it’s fair that we’re allowed to ask as many dealers and stop around if we want

Not on my blacklist … And no we, brokers do not have a secret blacklist either where we converse with each other.
Please don’t take offense but your Original Post is a little confusing. Were you on vacation when you gave the broker an OK to get the car for you? If Yes, then I can understand the broker being mad, but they should not have been responded to you unprofessionally.
Also, which other brokers did you see the same car posted on by ? Were these brokers on here? or local brokers in your area.

I also suggest you take this conversation in a PM with @trusted_hackrs and the ONE BROKER himself so that this can be resolved without public name calling from both sides. This would also avoid the general public from viewing all brokers as the same.

I take no offense at all, it’s okay

I had spoken to him a few times before but I wasn’t ready to buy. While On vacation I had time so I contacted him and told him when I get back we can go ahead with the deal. When I came back the car was marked as sold on his page. I saw another dealer here listed a similar car so I responded to the thread and messaged that broker. I also messaged the first guy to ask for another color then he responded unprofessional. I was like wth what’s all this about and he was like I’ve been talking to other brokers here and all brokers talk so I’m not serious and wasting everyone time that no one is going to work with me etc.

This had me thinking there’s some sort of “brokers blacklist” or even a verbal thing where brokers discussed your username and don’t work with you. I felt this was unfair if I’m on that blacklist because I was shopping around and felt that should be fine.

highly unlikely someone is going to want to draw negative attention to themselves by raising their hand to this so unless you tell us, he/she is not going to volunteer

Ok thats normal. You came back, Car was not available. Was sold. Makes Sense

Again normal. You were still looking for a SIMILAR not the SAME car, so no issues, you asked another broker here because he had his listed so Makes Sense.

Now that sounds B.S. to me… A misunderstanding is one thing and it is possible, that Broker A was thinking that your just shopping around but that does not seem the case here. Either ways, a misunderstanding should not have been responded unprofessionally.

@305Hackr and @Jon can maybe chime in, but best would be to take this up in a PM with trustedhackrs and Im sure they can work this out for both of you.

And again, please be assured their is no such thing as a broker’s black list so no need to be worried about that.

I already tried and he said he didn’t want to. So Idk.

It was me.

Those who know me and have worked with me I hope know I’m the easy.

This guy was definitely jerking me around, and when it came to pay the broker fee on a car I knew he wasn’t going to take, he decided to let me know he’s taking a long vacation and will be back the following month after agreeing to take the car. The month was ending in a few days so the program would obviously change.

A few week later, the same text asking for the same car and it wasn’t an F-U, it was a get the F outa here haha!

His username should say it all. I’ve said my peace and it’s whatever

I think I said, “No I don’t have a white x4” on 4 separate occasions over a few weeks.” So then he says fine he will take a gray one, asks me a barrage of questions relating to the application, insurance, pickup, etc., then says oh yeah I will be going on vacation. Does that make sense to you?


So, by you own admission, he told you he was going on vacation and contacted you upon returning as promised. Because he was going on vacation you “knew” he wasn’t going to take a deal? And because of this you felt a response of “get the f outta here” was remotely appropriate? Classy. And what exactly is his username supposed to say? You make absolutely no sense unless there’s something more that is missing?

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How did you know what dealer had the car that the broker advertised?

Thank you for admitting it’s you and posting

There was no time I told you I’d take a gray car the X4 we supposedly spoke about was black - if this car even exist bc clearly you’re thinking something else. It was the same with the pricing you told me the car was 363/mo yet it was on your page for 449/mo. You were very inconsistent and all over the place.

I told you when I came back from vacation like who are you to tell me how long my vacation should be? Do you want to see the photos? Like when I came back the car was marked as sold on your page I didn’t have an attitude I asked for If you got any white as yet then you responded unprofessionally and proceeded to tell me all you brokers talk and no one will work with me.

I’m sorry I meant the broker page I don’t know who the dealer is/was. I checked the broker listing and the X4 said sold

Welp. This is going to end well. :man_facepalming:t2:


I really just didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. He has commented so now it’s open who it is

Sounds like an issue for private messages at this point…


There’s no throwing under the bus here. I’m happy to admit that I was responsive and kind since you started messaging me from June 26th, answered all your questions promptly mostly because your id was Newuser.

I just counted close to 59 PMs between us over the course of 2.5 months. By the end of it, I really had no clue as to which deal you were referring to.

Either way, I even wished him the best of luck was my last message to him and if I was at fault, no worries. Still do. No ill feelings even now.

We take a lot as brokers…try getting 100 messages a day asking for a $199 BMW and if I don’t respond, I’m an ass. It’s sometime hard to decipher who is real and who is maliciously wasting your time.


good ending?