Broker leasing question

I would really like to thank every “hacker” on here and persons that take their own time to help us out with deals or work deals then post it here, you’re all appreciated! In my short time here I’ve definitely learnt a lot on this forum about leasing and I’m sure most other users have as well.

I’m still fairly new here and wanted feedback from the community on this. I had a recent “virtual encounter” with someone that describes themself as a broker here, the person had a deal posted I asked questions regarding one of the cars at the time I wasn’t ready to purchase, when I was ready I contacted again to see if it was available they said yes I was on vacation so told them when I got back we will set something up. The price I was quoted was different than the price on their page, never got which price was correct and they were super inconsistent, anyway, When I came back the car was marked as “sold” on the dealers page so I contacted others brokers who had the same car then contacted that same broker again to see if they had another color where I was hit with a “F U” then proceeded to letting me know I’ve contacted other dealer, all the dealers here talk to each other and now they’ll make sure no-one works with me now.

My understanding of LH is that it is a forum not dealership that these brokers are hired by therefore as a client we can work with whoever we want! Can contact as many brokers as we want if someone has a better deal on a car you want, maybe your personalities match better, for whatever reason a client should have the right to shop around without being judged or blacklisted. I think it’s a separate issue if you contact a dealer then they work hard to find a deal and car for you then you don’t want it that’s wasting someone’s time and understandable why a broker would be mad.

Some brokers are rude and inconsistent, like yes you may be getting us a better deal than we can ourselves but does that mean there’s no customer service? Though the car may be cheaper The clients here are still paying $400-$600 or more for your services.

There’s great brokers and hackers on here as well that is mostly professional and seem super cool always helpful.

Since I’m new I want to know for myself and any other new person that comes along if we’re not “allowed” to contact multiple brokers if you’re interested in their deal?

Did you talk to other brokers or did you take the first broker’s offer and shop it around to others to see if they’d match/beat the deal?

Did you pay for this mystery broker’s services? Did you get a refund? This post was really difficult to follow and understand the timeline, I’m sorry.

IMO you’re doing something worse than naming names - you’re collectively throwing every single broker on this site under the bus. Please provide specifics. It’s the internet so words can be misread and tone can be misunderstood. Most of the brokers here have very solid reputations and many positive reviews.


No simply look what other brokers would post in the marketplace and contacted them if I was interested (which was only like two or three other broker) Never mentioned the other brokers name nor their deal

Sorry if the post is confusing

No I did not pay for their services, we had no commitment, he even sold the car (I wasn’t mad bc we had no commitment) however when I saw the car was sold I saw another broker with a similar deal to what the first broker previously had up, I inquired with the second broker about the car

I don’t see why anyone would refuse to work with you unless you were jerking them around. Tip is don’t say you’re ready to take the car when you’re in fact away on vacation, nobody will hold that car for you if a real buyer shows up with a pen before you its theirs.

EDIT: now I’m curious as to who it is … (dont post that) I just find it hard to believe that any of regulars here would pull that for no reason…

And like I said in the original post there’s awesome brokers here! It’s definitely not my intention to throw all the brokers under the bus I’m sorry if it comes off that way but that’s not my intention at all

Correct! I definitely understood that that’s why I wasn’t mad or anything when I came back and the car was marked as sold, bc We had no commitment so it was up to him to sell the car whenever and to whoever he pleased obviously the first person. I was just questioning why’d I be blacklisted for contacting more than one broker

I agree, should not expect you to be exclusive if no such agreements took place and if your inquiry was on specific posted car/deal & that broker could not replicate.

But that’s also why some collect a partial non-refundable fee locking you in to deal with them only.

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I’m guessing there’s a lot more to this. But to answer your question, you can contact whomever you want. On the flip side, brokers can work with whomever they want.

I’d say that it’s very frowned upon to take one broker’s deal and ask a different broker to beat it, but that’s about it.

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Yeah that’s totally inappropriate and I definitely did not do that!

All I did would contact other brokers from the marketplace that posted the car I wanted if they had a good deal, I made no mention of the broker or even the deal that broker had - it’s not like he gave me a separate deal his pricing and available cars was there for everyone to see

This conversation happened last night so he knows himself. He basically was like “F U” because I contacted other brokers and that they all talk to each other so now no one will work with me

As far as the original broker saying they’d make sure no one worked with you - I would sure hope that brokers in this forum would do their own diligence. IMO - I wouldn’t stress that part.

This doesn’t seem right, but there’s no way for us to enforce against this. I remember reading a broker mentioning that they talk with all the other brokers and know who’s pinging them all, but I cannot recall who that was.

I really would be interested in hearing who it was so I know who to avoid.

You’re not blacklisted with me…

I can’t speak for who you dealt with, but I can personally say it is extremely frustrating when someone takes your info and shops it.

It’s like being asked to work on your behalf and advocate for you yet you’re actively working against that when shopping w/ other broker/dealers.

That being said - the sky isn’t going to fall if you upset one person.

PS. Us brokers don’t have some secret ban list.


I’ve had bad chemistry and negative outcomes with people others deeply respect.

On the other hand, I lack social skills and have poor hygiene, but I found someone truly outstanding to marry me anyway.

Sometimes all you can do is shrug and go on with life.

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To clarify, have others brokers actually declined to work with you or did this person just suggest that would happen? If you have a genuine issue at any time you can certainly PM any of the Truster Hackr mods, that goes for everyone.


That’s a new one. Broker blacklist.


I agree with you but I definitely didn’t do this! All I did was look in the marketplace and see other brokers that posted the same car I was looking for and contact them if the pricing was good (those specific broker pricing) I never mentioned this broker name nor the price he had listed I was simply shopping around

This happened lastnight so he definitely know who he is. I’m hoping he put himself so I don’t have it.

I’m not sure where you reside but this broker is in the northeast ny/nj and other areas