Broker for specific used car?

I’ve searched all the mainstream car marketplaces that I know of for a specific car I want to buy.

While I’ve searched nationwide, I haven’t found a vehicle for sale that matches my specific criteria- which I’ll mention below. Is there a way to hire someone to find a vehicle for me? What I want may not be available right now, which is fine, but wondering if there are any other tires I can kick?

What I’m looking for (I posted about this a few weeks ago):

2011-2012 MB R350 bluetech with under 75,000ish miles, and great service records. The lower miles seems to be the sticking point. I spoke with the garage that services my German vehicles, and they had some suggestions in addition to what members on this site recommended. I’d expect to do some work on any R350 I buy, but they suggested starting with a lower mile vehicle with great service record will help reduce the risk.

Thanks for the continued help!

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