Brand New 2018 BMW 328d 24/10 $225/mo + tax/tags +doc + loyalty + OL code + new grad


A couple more of the 328ds became available.

51500 msrp
13% off before incentives
6000 dealer cash
1000 ol
1000 loyalty
1000 college grad

CCA REBATE is also available after you buy the car for another $500 - membership fee of $137 for a 3 year membership!

Text me for details. These things go fast!!! Pick up in the north east.

Park distance
Heated seats and wheel

Please use the calculator to get your payment.


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Love the house!

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Thanks man! I live in the carriage/pool house outback! I wish I could say the main house was mine. Haha


Thanks I live in the house inside the house lol. :rofl::joy:

These 328D deals are insane. Good stuff as per usual J-Ro.

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@Jrouleau426 I promise not to highjack your entire thread, but all press is good press?

Here’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done…since were on the topic of homes.


Is that you!!!

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Lol yeeppp-circa 2015

What the wife wants…she gets :confused:

I assume not awd? Either way, stunning deal, and fascinating hgtv house :slight_smile:


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We weren’t that bad I promise. But yes, whenever I watch an episode in California, I 100% feel that way!

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It must be AWD if it’s PA and that MSRP no? @Jrouleau426

It’s awd xdrjve

Get me a login so I can watch it! Haha. I cut the cord years ago

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Good choice on #3!

#2 had money pit written all over it, and a never ending honeydolist in your future.

Amazed at what $540,000 will buy you in those parts…here in the south bay area (SF area), that amount of money wouldn’t even get you the land.

Spent my first thirteen years up the road in Lexington.

Don’t miss the snow shovel, but like what money will buy you back there for a home.

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Interested in the car. Sent you pm. Tried calling you but going straight to VM.

I lease cars so I can live with them since the market in Boston is crazy. My new X6 apartment is a little snugger than I thought but the rent is a bargain … and it is wired for surround stereo …

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you picked the wrong apartment

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Ok ok landfill all this mods please. I need to get rid of the last 328D here! Haha

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My fault I started it

At least it’s staying atop the marketplace! Ha

I have 2 left