Brand new 2018 BMW 320 xdrive



Dealer only had one unit at this price. I drove 2 hours away from northern New Jersey. I was eligible for loyalty and corporate fleet.

**2018 BMW 320 x drive

**MSRP: $46,145
**Selling Price before incentives: $~$37k
**Monthly Payment: $265.52 w/ NJ tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $500.00(includes first month and ALL fees)
**MSD: $2,100.00
**Incentives: $4,500.00

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage:12k
**MF:not sure
**Residual: not sure

Region: dealer was in PA, car registered in NJo

Brand new 2018 BMW 320xdrive

Sick deal man…congrats!


Congratulations! That is a great deal. I am in the market for a 3 series in NJ area. Could you please share the dealer information?


20% off before incentives on new (non loaner) is unheard of. They must’ve really wanted this car gone. Congrats!


It’s a $46000 320 of course they wanted it gone.
But nice deal op.


Valid point lol


Congrats? How did you find this deal? Did you just call around to dealerships or use a particular site to research?well done regardless.


Sorry, i did mean “Congrats!” with an exclamation point. ha!


It was also punched over a year ago, but still a great deal.


What states and car companies allow MSD’s?

Seems it’s not all states and not all car companies.



Curious…how did you know the car was punched over a year ago? I don’t see the vin posted.


Just a guess. 20% off is not possible on a new, non-punched car. It can be punched, but never put in demo/loaner fleet. Hence original miles.


37K for a car without adaptive cruise control or lane keeping assist, both standard features on a base Corolla is insane.


Welcome to the luxury and sports vehicle segments


Agree, it’s funny how Honda, Toyota and other non luxury brands are putting these features in their $22,000 car while BMW has you add features a la cart to their cars. I have seen $45,000+ BMW and Mercedes without Xeon headlamps, they give you these cheap halogen headlamps!! I still don’t understand why …


There is some 30-40k cars you can get that don’t even have power seats :rofl:


No LED/Xenons on a luxury car should be a crime…


I see it everyday…look at the $54,000 cla amg45 you have to pay $1500 for the driver assistant package!!

And for $2300 you get this

Multimedia Package


Multimedia Package

  • COMAND navigation

  • 3 years of navigation map updates

  • Advanced voice control

  • 5 years of SiriusXM Traffic and Weather service

  • Apple CarPlay

  • Android Auto


That multi media package isn’t worth more than $500


No parking sensors either