Brand new 2018 BMW 320 xdrive

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Dealer only had one unit at this price. I drove 2 hours away from northern New Jersey. I was eligible for loyalty and corporate fleet.

**2018 BMW 320 x drive

**MSRP: $46,145
**Selling Price before incentives: $~$37k
**Monthly Payment: $265.52 w/ NJ tax
**Cash Due at Signing: $500.00(includes first month and ALL fees)
**MSD: $2,100.00
**Incentives: $4,500.00

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage:12k
**MF:not sure
**Residual: not sure

Region: dealer was in PA, car registered in NJo


Sick deal man…congrats!

Congratulations! That is a great deal. I am in the market for a 3 series in NJ area. Could you please share the dealer information?

20% off before incentives on new (non loaner) is unheard of. They must’ve really wanted this car gone. Congrats!


It’s a $46000 320 of course they wanted it gone.
But nice deal op.

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Valid point lol

Congrats? How did you find this deal? Did you just call around to dealerships or use a particular site to research?well done regardless.

Sorry, i did mean “Congrats!” with an exclamation point. ha!

It was also punched over a year ago, but still a great deal.

What states and car companies allow MSD’s?

Seems it’s not all states and not all car companies.

Curious…how did you know the car was punched over a year ago? I don’t see the vin posted.

Just a guess. 20% off is not possible on a new, non-punched car. It can be punched, but never put in demo/loaner fleet. Hence original miles.

37K for a car without adaptive cruise control or lane keeping assist, both standard features on a base Corolla is insane.

Welcome to the luxury and sports vehicle segments

Agree, it’s funny how Honda, Toyota and other non luxury brands are putting these features in their $22,000 car while BMW has you add features a la cart to their cars. I have seen $45,000+ BMW and Mercedes without Xeon headlamps, they give you these cheap halogen headlamps!! I still don’t understand why …

There is some 30-40k cars you can get that don’t even have power seats :rofl:

No LED/Xenons on a luxury car should be a crime…

I see it everyday…look at the $54,000 cla amg45 you have to pay $1500 for the driver assistant package!!

And for $2300 you get this

Multimedia Package


Multimedia Package

  • COMAND navigation

  • 3 years of navigation map updates

  • Advanced voice control

  • 5 years of SiriusXM Traffic and Weather service

  • Apple CarPlay

  • Android Auto


That multi media package isn’t worth more than $500

No parking sensors either