Brand new 2018 BMW 320 xdrive



Nice deal congratulations


Maybe not everyone needs either of those things…

And this is nothing new. Welcome to…whatever year the Japanese auto industry was founded.



That should be a standard in all BMWs by now

Is that one of their $2300 options that can only be added if you add one of their premium super duper options?


I don’t need it. I’m glad it’s an option.


By now in 2019 it’s a feature that should come standard on all entry luxury vehicles. Honda and Toyota have the back up camera feature, but on the higher trims you get back up sensor alerts.


My previous car didn’t have it. My new one does and it’s a great feature for knowing just how far you need to go. No need to place an educational guess.


If BMW have customers lined up who are willing to shell $ for these “standard-in-other-brand-features”, as a business, they have no incentive to make them a freebie…that said, looks like BMW is slowly getting rid of yellow halogens across the board.


Exactly what @metalblaze said. In addition, I like the option to pick and choose my options rather than making things standard, thus raising the cost of the car across the board. If I don’t want it, I shouldn’t be forced into it.


I think my favorite is blind spot monitor as a ‘must have’.

Very, very, few people know how to actually setup their mirrors.


After speaking with some Infiniti reps, they are foreseeing a mandated blind spot monitor standard on all new vehicles. Much like the backup camera law


CarPlay is a close second “must have” :grin:


I know how to set up my mirrors. Blind spot is still very helpful. During the recent raining in LA, my mirrors were rendered useless as reflective objects but I still had some sense of cars being near me thanks to BSM. And if helps to prevent someone a$$hole driving a Range Rover while texting from crashing into me, then that’s even better. ::shrug::

LED/xenons don’t reliably do better in IIHS than do halogens…


Perhaps, but I think we can all agree on saying LED lights look way better than halogens.

Halogens on a luxury car simply does not look right.


Raising the cost of the car? On a BMW or any luxury entry vehicle in 2019 it should be a given standard option to have back up sensor alerts.
For the amount of money BMW charges for their cars there should be a few more bells and whistles!!


BMW isn’t Chevy.


Halogens on BMW and Mercedes looks downright cheap, I see it on $45,000+ models and I’m like wow Mercedes and BMW are still giving people halogen bulbs instead of that clean bright white look. Acura TL made those standard on every car back 15+ years ago!!! It was “included” in the price!


Let’s make it known that most of the technology in $50k $60k and $100k + cars are now in cars that cost less than $30k… There really isnt any new technology in cars that’s a wow factor these days…also performance, how much horsepower and how quick can we get cars from 0-60, what I’m saying is car technology and performance is near a peak…about 97% of people would disagree but I believe otherwise.


would love to find a car like this for myself; how did you find it? Did you search around on dealer sites yourself, go through a broker? I’m in Mass but would drive as far as Phila. to get a deal like this.