BMW's The Ultimate Driving Experience 4/13-4/21/19 @ Metlife Stadium (OL Code)



Wanted to share the link for the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience autocross that will be occurring at the MetLife Stadium from 4/13/2019-4/21/2019. After completing the event they send the OL code for $1000.



Thanks! These are always a blast


Awesome… thanks! Any idea how long are the codes usually good for? My lease isn’t up for a couple of more months.


They are good for a few months, but not sure the exact time.


Game on!
Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for posting, last one I did was at CitiField this is much closer.


Anyone try the M Car Control, i am interested but not sure its worth the $750


My buddy did it and said it was worth every penny of destroying the M3 and driving around a track in PA.


It would be optimal if the event were at a track rather than an empty parking lot, but depending how they lay it out can be fun. Fastest cars I’ve done were porsche 911 at metlife. Can be done but I suspect it will be all turns, lots of tire scrub. The lot surface is like a cheese grater.


You have to pay for these things?


only for the M car one which a whole day thing and you drive with a professional doing drifts and stuff

The Autocross is 2hrs according to the site and free


Can I just show up, get my OL code me leave?


The high school driver school is great and last i looked some spots were still open. My kids did it and really had fun and learned a lot.