BMW X7 M50 Lease Detail Reviews

Hi guys, new to the forum. Lots of great information. In the market for a 2020 x7 M50, the color combination is rare and needs to be and ordered vehicle. With that said, if you could provide feedback on what there offering that would be great.

12,000 Miles/Mo, 36 MO,0$ Down
Selling Price 101,186
Residual 55%
Money Factory .00128
Offering 0 rebates or loyalty discounts

$1511/Mo Payment

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Holy moly 1500 :open_mouth:


I’m at like $900.


Following. I ordered a 2020 xdrive50i with msrp 105,180 and agreed to be around the 1500/month range. We haven’t worked out any detail with all the numbers yet but I will get that when car gets delivered. I’m hoping numbers get better or incentives come around on 2020 models by the time the car gets here.

Hire a broker

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He did say Money Factory so…


He also said “12,000 miles a month.” The residual is a lot lower than 55% for that many miles!


That’s like 400mi/day.
X7 50i would make a hell of a pilot car for oversize loads. I’d buy it at that point though.

(Yes I know OP prob meant 12K/yr just razzing in good nature) OP could do a LOT better though. What color combo we talking?


I think you drive about 400 miles a day (some days). :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry 12,000 miles per year

Based on what? It is at 6% off and buy rate for a M50i that is a factory order. If you can find a dealer with an allocation (about 350 dealers in the US and only 392 in priority 6), I think it will be hard to get one to blow out an X7 M50i for under invoice.


Could not agree more.

There is more room on an '19 50’s you can find.

But on a 2020 its going to be a tough one to hack.

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I can be at invoice currently on these for custom order and ~$500 behind for in-stock. As such I would only charge a small finders fee to connect one of these deals vs my usual schedule.

Wow do people really pay $1500 a month for a car lease?

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You should go check out swap a lease sometime.

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Dear diary I like getting ripped off on a first year car to the tune of $1500 a month. Are you adopting ?

Im always surprised why some people post on here if they no intention of accepting any help.

$1500 for a BMW X7 insane. But hey he obviously doesnt care, maybe wants to flex his money?

That is the same exact deal OP has plus you are charging a fee. So I fail to see how OP can do a lot better.

That’s my offer up front but as you know numbers have a way of going down once you’re at the table.

Considering verbatim “Were looking to move these at sticker” having the inside track is a savings in and of itself but because it’s not up to my usual standard I wouldn’t feel right charging standard rate. :+1:

I’m signing an $88k 40i today for an effective $830 tax included, this deal is awful (unless you’re in some silly tax state).

I think I could do even better in November or December, but I just hate my current car so much and I think if I’m unhappy, swapping out will be a walk in the park.

Edit: 2020 custom order, meh - I just don’t see the value in what OP is doing.