BMW X7 Dark Shadow Edition - I Want One

X7 Dark Shadow Edition = Perfection.
If I am ever going to pay for an individual color, it’s going to be frozen arctic grey.

Feast your eyeballs on the pics below:
Link incase anyone wants to preorder
$120K MSRP :scream:

Thanks to BMW M on Instagram:


Just saw this an hour ago. Im very confused. Somthing about it says that its hot… but then its not too much different than a fully decked out model with just a matte paint job. Also with 75 units only for US, they are trying to make it exclusive, but nothing on performance end.

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Holy Guacamole :avocado: - that is beautiful!

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Sort of agreed, but something about it just feels different from a standard X7 M50i.
Just look at the interior

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I honestly think ivory or Silverstone (not sure which is offered on x7) would have looked better. But thats just my opinion.
Don’t all the luxury seating package seats look like that?

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I mean SS is brilliant, but I’m digging the night blue & black mix. Definitely feels exquisite.

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It’s gorgeous, but what’s the point?

Will wait to buy it used in 5 years for $15k.


Sometimes the only point is that it’s gorgeous

I want in on that!

Can we crowd fund? I’ll take a timeshare.

I’ll be using this thing like a motel that charges by the hour, farts will be the least of your concerns.


:laughing:, enjoy the Hoovie

Just the way BMW intended


ordered mine last night!


Just in time it seems.


X7 Dark Shadow Edition pre-order allocation for sale: $15,000

:rofl: or :thinking:


Let’s gooooooo… special LH rate of 14,999$ over here… step right up! :joy:


Wow those allocations went by quick. Lucky you haha.
It’s not a far fetch to think that these editions will fetch a “market adjustment”
BMW has made a desirable car after a string of mess-ups, such as not offering the ICON LEDs on the heritage edition M4s, G8x front grills etc. Everyone wants an SUV these days, and to me this car can go head to head with a Range Rover Autobiography, which has a much higher MSRP. The buyers are definitely there.

Can add this X7 Dark Shadow Edition along with the M2 CS are probably some the of the most desirable cars BMW has made lately.

Also a fully loaded X7 M50i without an individual paint job already runs $119,175. At a $120k MSPR, the individual paint job is basically being handed out for free.

I would be interested, but my overhead increased $40… maybe next time :rofl:


Exactly what I was thinking, he’ll buy it for $15k and it’ll cost $6k to fix it, and it’ll still be broken! And when he’s done it’ll be worth $14k…lol If anyone likes or thinks it’s a good idea to buy a used BMW(the out of warranty variety), go check out Hoovies Garage…lol