BMW X5 loaner, 596 monthly, 36/10, 2k DAS

Getting 596 monthly payment with 2k das. Why isn’t this adding up. Tried my best.
Thank you
Msrp is 59, selling is 51.500

the sheet says Audi S4, am I missing something?

X5 or S4 (says 2018 Audi S4 on top)

Sorry… trading in Audi S4…
ITS A 2018 BMW X5

It isn’t including rollover from s4…

Is that the x35i or 40e? Which state are you in, that looks like a healthy discount. What incentives are you using?

For the trade in is it a wash? Are you sure the S4 isn’t worth more and they’re lowballing it?

$1000 rebate from BMWCCA as well if it’s new and not a loaner/demo.

It’s a s35i. 2018 loaner w 2k miles.
In California
Audi S4 is not in the price right now, trying to figure out how much I owe and it’s worth…

Have you compared to this deal: 2018 BMW X5 $537/mo , 36/10k - $794 DAS ? It’s in Cali as well within the last month so is comparable.

I’m within ~$1k of lease cost here:

Basically they’re not giving you that much discount, they’re giving you $5045 discount and $2500 rebate. Don’t put any money down, so keep the $2k deposit and just pay first months payment. The deal I linked to above had ~19% discount, right now you’re at about ~12% including the rebate. I’d definitely aim to get the payment to $550 or less p/m with zero down payment. They’ll probably meet you somewhere in the middle.

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I did check it out but not sure what I’m missing to achieve that price besides dropping selling price…
They wouldn’t go below 51500. You’re saying don’t put 2k down in cash , whag about ac fee, doc, etc?

Roll things in you don’t want to pay like I did.

It adds up to 620 a month or so

Do you need to get a car in the next few days or can you wait? If you’re after the best deal you might need to hold out until closer to the end of the month. Say you’ll sign at $550p/m with zero down and wait them out.

If you’re in more of a rush aim for the same target but try and grind them down as far as they’ll go, you should definitely not put any money down though. Let us know how you get on.

I don’t. I just wanted to know with the numbers provided am I getting the best deal? If I don’t put 2k down, they’ll add 2k into the payments no?

That deal can’t be replicated - it was an aged loaner which got a great CCR.
I called Dave on that to see if another loaner can be made - nope…

Doesn’t mean the OP can’t get close to it, especially as we’re getting closer to the new X5 hitting the showrooms. Right now the OPs deal is $4k more so there’s still room to at least reduce the down payment to zero.

I see people getting 440is for 470 w tax and about 3k at signing… meaning about 20% off MSRP and it being a new car

This car has 2k miles and a new model will be releasing in 2 months. How can’t i get more then 5k off the car? I called 5 other bmw dealers and none will take more off the car (lowest they’ll go is 51k on a 59k msrp car)…

Have you tried to find those X5 loaners on and target the older stock? Going into the last week of the month will probably be the best time as they’ll be trying to clear the old stock. Keep in contact with your contacts and remind them you’re still looking.