BMW X5 Lease - unrealistic?


I am interested in leasing the 2019 BMW X5 but the deals right now don’t look very attractive. Any idea if this car can lease in the $500/month range (not incl tax)? Considering the base model on 3 years/10k miles. Thanks in advance.

I think 500 plus tax could be realistic if you pay the drive offs up front. It’s probably easier to achieve that on a demo/loaner.

Have you looked at the X6???

There has been some ‘19 X5 demos posted here for high $500s/low $600s before fees with MSDs… don’t think $500/month even with fees and taxes upfront is possible at this point. Loaner ‘18s can be had for low $500s with loyalty and MSDs.

Just search recent ads here to get a sense…

Have not considered the X6 at this point

can you remind me what MSD stands for?

Well my friend, X6 lease is better than X5

Millennial secret discount… for anyone under 40 but it’s not advertised…need to know the password…

Come on man… google and search the board


I did google it but couldn’t find anything…

First hit
Drop and give me 50
Bad lessee


He is bad at google. No wonder he has not heard about the great deal son the X6…

thanks for the feedback everyone.

Just rude. You can play with the noobs, but you don’t need to hurt them.

Multiple Security Deposits. It’s in the calculator and you can see the affects of the refundable MSDs weigh lower your MF.


Did the n00b respect him when he lied about googling it already?

GoogleFu is not instinctual. You’d think people would be good by now, but life rarely matches expectations. Typing Multiple Security Deposits would have taken you less time than a screenshot. Don’t play coy. :no_good_woman:

May have Googled Millennial Secret Discount based on your guidance. You’re better than that I hope.

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lol, sadly, I did trust him and googled millennial secret discount. all my searches for MSD on this forum came up with… MSD :man_shrugging:

in any case, appreciate the helpful reply.

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Are the MF and residuals the same for 2019 loaners as new vehicles? These loaners have 1500 - 4000 miles on them.

MF yes… .00177 for any BMW car in the country. RV will vary based on location, year, model, and even trim. Go to the Edmunds board for ‘19 X5s to get the RV.

Thanks. I saw that a good discount on new cars is about 10% off MSRP. What’s a reasonable discount to expect off of the loaner list prices? They list an MSRP followed by a discounted but it looks artificially high MSRP given the features, options and packages listed.

At least 15% for a ‘19 X5? I know brokers here are offered to get 11% or so off new, then you have to take into account the mileage penalty (5k would drop the RV/your discount around 2%) and it’s not eligible for the $1K post purchase CCA rebate. (Almost another 2%)

Dealers may be able to sell them to less informed
buyers for less % discount so may be better off going with new especially since there will be more competition vs a handful of loaners.

Use this one as a guide: