BMW X5 45e Plug-In Hybrid deals

South Carolina.

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Awesome thanks, I saw something about order date having to be in august and got scared

Well in that case :sweat_smile:

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K so we are for sure okay no matter what the order date is on the 7500?
As long as it arrives and is done before Jan 1 2023?

As long as it comes in this year, its fine.

The only vehicles that lost the tax credit between now and the end kd the year are vehicles not made in North America.

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Awesome thanks for clarifying

What if guidance gets issued before 12/31?

The irs has already stated that the other rules dont go into effect until Jan 1.


what if i win the lotto?

Then you shouldn’t worry about a tax credit, rather a tax debit.


Anyone in Colorado looking to buy a 45e, send me a DM. My sales guy has one ordered car just became available for delivery in a week. Pretty fully loaded (exec package, luxury seating etc.) at MSRP. I am not a broker so no fees or anything, just trying to help a fellow hackr if one was looking to buy. Car will probably be released to all sales associates tomorrow so narrow window to grab it if interested.

edit: this car is no longer available

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This vehicle would have to be purchased right? Not leased?

There is no limit on leasing companies passing on an incentive for the rest of the year. It isnt clear if there will be or not next year.

I dont know off hand if bmw passes on the tax credit on this though.

Well considering the residual is pretty poor relative to reality I’d finance based on that alone. Lease does not trigger the credit and BMW does not pass through.

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Thank you for this info!