BMW X3m40i Deal

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Just got this deal and think I did pretty good.

2019 X3m40i
MSRP: $63520
Final Sale Price: $56,420
11% ish discount
They will pay the last 2 payments of my current lease (total of $1,055.12)
USAA $500 discount code
Loyalty and Memorial Day offers

$1,084 at signing
$722.00 a month

Did I do good?

Westchester County NY

I would try to utilize MSD and get that payment even lower. Whats the MF?

he has already leased the vehicle it seems. assumed he took delivery already (?)

Thats just OK.

I have a $59K brand new one ready to go for $13xx DAS and $611 plus tax pre MSDs right now.

I don’t like MSD’s I can use that money better elsewhere to make more then I’d save.

money factor is .00165

Actually that is incorrect, I saved 70$ a month using my MSD on my lease over the course of 39 months. Tell me where you can make a guaranteed $3,000 in that span.

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Whats done is done, no point yelling about MSDs after the fact. Enjoy the car!

I earn an average of about 35% a year selling covered calls on dividend stocks (not counting capital appreciation) . So at the end of the day its roughly the same money-- I’d rather hold it and have my capital appreciate.

To each their own.

Overall I am pretty happy with 11% off MSRP, very little out of pocket, and base MF

There’s almost no difference when you factor in the lease payoff, different MSRPs and tax.

Looks like a good deal on a nice vehicle.

I didn’t read it well enough :slight_smile:

Deal is okay, nothing special at all.

It’s always a good deal when they already signed and it’s their first post!?

What would you consider a “good deal”?

Someone posted their deal in another thread on this trim a few weeks back, their MSRP was $59k iirc. $530 w/tax, that’s a great deal.

I know someone else just signed a 2020 GLE for comparable numbers as yours, and that’s not really a hackable vehicle right now. “Deal” is all perception, I perceive a brand new redesigned 2020 GLE over a 19 X3 for similar dollars as better value, which means a better “deal”, from my point of view.

I believe that guy was a demo vehicle and MSRP was closer to $56k

Aren’t MSDs a no go in NY?

I’m in jersey and just used them on my Audi S4 deal. Not sure why they wouldn’t be a no go in any state. You just have to find the right dealer.

My understanding is that NJ dealers can do it, assuming the Manufacturer/Captive offer an MSD program. NY dealers are not allowed to by law. You could buy in Jersey and register in NY though.

Base new models will be in the 600’s, higher spec models will be 700’s. Yes the price is approaching higher end SUVs but none of them are performance oriented except for the SQ5 (GLC43 will be a bit more).

Apparently they are-- this is the first BMW I bought since living in NY. I previously looked and didn’t like the return value.

without MSD’s all things considered I believe I got a good deal with over 11% discount on MSRP and base MF with minimal out of pocket costs.