BMW x3 m40i Lease - please help


Shopping around for a new lease, is this a good deal?

36 months, $549 for 10K miles.

Net Total 58,750.00
Destination Charge 995.00
Total Suggested Price 59,745.00

2019 X3 M40i USD 54,650.00
MF .00165
59% residual

$ 4,237.14 total due at signing

$ 549 first month
$925 acquisition fee
$ 310.50 MV fee
$599 Doc fee
$1853.64 NJ tax

I am also working on loaner deals -

MSRP 58,395
Selling Price 48,875
Residual .59
MF .00165
$1k DAS (first month payment and plates/tags)
$647 per month (includes taxes and fees)

Loaner with 2k miles

58,395 MSRP

Selling Price: 47,925

Residual: 34,078.30

0 down: $660.98

1K down: $630.19

2K down: $599.41

3K down: $568.62

Includes taking over $900 balance on existing lease

You are getting about an 8.5% discount on the new one. I think you’ll get suggestions to push close to 13-14% off before any incentives.

How many miles are on the loaner? That might be the better deal if you don’t mind the miles as the discount is much better.

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Please let me know before I sign if you think this is a good deal? It is a demo with 1K miles. Thanks in advance!

This includes taking over a $900 balance on my existing lease

Demo with 1,000 miles.
MSRP: $58,395

Selling Price - $52,250
Rebates - $3,500

Residual: .59
MF: .00145

With $790 due at signing, your monthly payment would be $613 for 36 months/10k
The $790 DAS includes first months payment, taxes & fees, and tags.

residual should have dropped now that it’s July, I think it’s .58 for 36/10.

You’re only getting a 10.5% discount on a loaner, that’s not a good discount at all for a loaner.

Are you using MSDs? You should, you can save quite a bit of change.

ok thanks! I’ll see what I can do with the discount and MSDs, appreciate your response

No worries! This forum is here to help you out!

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Nyclife just posted his spreadsheet - Nyclife: july bmw deals (nj/ct/ny/pa) - $479/mo plus drive-offs which are probably considerably less than $4,237.14

Yeah, the MF got better this month but the residual dropped for the X3 so it’s basically a wash for deal structure. Push for bigger discounts on a demo, but one with only 1k miles they won’t be motivated to move.

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For the loaners push for a minimum of 14% pre incentives.
Make sure also you are getting the base MF which is .00145 right now.

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They came back a discounted price of $51,200 (12.3%) without incentives, they said this is the absolute best they can offer. This is $770 DAS and $588 a month. Do you guys think this is good enough offer? Thanks!

There is more of discount to be had on this, IMO you should be able to squeeze 14% pre incentives out of them. I would say if they are not budging, look at other dealers and they may come back to you towards the end of the month.

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Ok will do thanks for the feedback!

Anytime, let us know how you make out.

They are sticking to the 12.3% discount as the best offer right now. They added with loaners coming out in the near future they don’t anticipate a price as aggressive as this one. I will keep looking around in the mean time!

The car is worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it. The dealership is in business to maximize their profit, not give away cars. I just got a quote on a loaner (non-bmw) for 10% off sticker. People here would scoff at that but it happens to be on a brand that doesn’t discount the MSRP and the “loaner” has only 43 miles on it (Less than many of the “new” units on their lot). Point is, people here have these weird dogmas about 14% off etc etc which may be true in some markets but if the car has less than a thousand miles and you really like the vehicle then you might miss out on a great opportunity. At 12.3% discount on a “loaner” with very few miles, you might find that’s a deal worth taking. Just because people here say it should be discounted more doesn’t mean they will and somebody else won’t come along and take it at that price. 12% off plus rebates plus buy rate = a damn good deal in my book. You could easily put a thousand miles on your car in like 2 weeks of driving or one weekend trip.


If you want a deeper discount, the loaner will almost surely need to have more miles on it. I got mine for 19.5% off before incentives two weeks ago at 4900 miles. That being said, I was also offered exactly 12.3% off a brand new one, first pencil offer from another dealer. You don’t have to dip in the loaner pool for that type of discount.

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Good point, thanks for the input!

Thank you, good info to know. First time looking at demos.

Try to find out how long the new car has been on the lot, if its very new you probably won’t get as deep of a discount compared to one sitting for a while

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Going to check out the demo tomorrow but also going to check out a a new one that has the premium package. They have 3 identical white ones in stock…right now this is the offer -

$60,895 MSRP
Discount: $6,545 (10.7%)
Selling price $50,850

MF .00145
DAS $957
Monthly payment: $635

Do you think I can get a bigger discount?