BMW X2 2018 - Struggling with 1st quote


I’ve been lurking here for quite some time and I’m looking for my first lease. It has taken two days for the dealer to get me a quote after several emails and a call. Is this just par for the course or do they just not take email sales seriously?

I’ve requested all the addons be removed and this vehicle only has 1500 miles so I’m really confused on the mileage penalty. And the MF is marked up as well. If these things are resolved it should be a solid deal. Am I missing anything?

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Whatever your initial outreach was, you apparently didn’t set expectations at all because they threw you a pretty meaty quote. You also requested a 24 month quote which is going to naturally be more expensive unless you bump the MF in lieu of the acquisition fee. You should be more clear in your initial outreach and state what you’re looking for so you don’t waste time with super inflated quotes.

The car has close to 4K miles on it based on the $936 mileage penalty.

Yes, those addons are horrific. You could get a car with a $2,500 higher MSRP for the same money since it’s $40/month. You may need to start looking elsewhere as they will probably say they “can’t be removed”.

Discount is decent (16%) but may be contingent on the higher MF.

500+ for a Loaner X2.

Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing …

You could get a loaner X6 for that money right @vhooloo? :grinning:

The 24 months is inflating the price as well.

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Right now I could get a 740i for that my dear @Britten440.
I am more than a one trick pony. A 2 trick pony… I have eyes on
Whichever ends up at the lowest percentage, I am getting … I am purely shopping on monthly payment as percentage of MSRP. The lower the better.


@Jaranks where are you located. I just responded to a similar post with my X2 demo deal. I’m paying $370/mo 1st mo due at signing 36mo/12k for msrp X2 43k. (Also got check from dealer for 1712 to pay off current lease)

That’s almost X6 territory, am I right? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And another $1700 off the dealer price.

Move on. The dealer has anchored themselves here and won’t budge meaningfully enough

I’m in the southeast. I have about 5 dealerships within 150 miles however this dealership has told me they will lease at the Sonic Price.

My initial email was requesting a lease quote for 24/12k on a specific stock # at the Sonic Price before incentives. Was there a better way to start the process?

Get a hold of the sales mgr or internet sales mgr on the phone and tell him you would like a 20% discount off MSRP BEFORE Rebates and incentives on the X2 demo stock #xxxxxx. If he cant start the lease at that price tell him thank you and move on to next dealer.

This is an awful deal, but also this’s dealership should be stripped of their BMW rights with all of those add ons and extra fees.

20%?!! Have there been other deals at that level?

It’s a demo 2018 end of month, prob end of leasing program for them, why not go there? Other BMW reps like @BMW_Dave can chime in. 17% may be more realistic.

Wait, is the mileage penalty being added to the price? WTF is that!?

It’s a loaner so that’s legit, but the number doesn’t make sense. It’s .25 per mile on the car… OP is saying it has 1,500 but clearly has almost 4K based on the penalty.

But are they adding that to the sales price or subtracting?

Same difference… subtract from the RV or add to the sale price since you are paying the gap between sale price and RV.

Ah, right, just not how I’m used to seeing it.