BMW X1 Loaner deal question?


Hello All,

I am debating on this deal to sign in the next day I was quoted first months at $375 to drive off. If I did 24 months the price raises to $405.Wanted to make sure it’s a good deal as been playing in the calculator and it’s coming with a lower payment amount.

Trying to see we’re I am going wrong

2019 BMW X1 Loaner
Monthly Payment: $375
Drive-Off Amount: $375
Annual Mileage:15,000
Leasehackr Score:’d%20go%20that%20low%20if%20I%20push&zero_driveoff=true&monthlyTax_radio=true

Leasehackr Calculator Link:

You’re double counting your rebates.

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This is a solid deal for 15k miles a year. Hefty discount relative to the miles, looks like buyrate on the MF. If this is what you want, I’d take it.

Your selling price probably already has incentives. Try to get 20-22% off MSRP prior to any incentives. Consider MSDs to lower your MF.

Here is a deal on a similar X1 (Msport 47k MSRP) I’ve got about a month ago.

My lease was also for 15k miles and it was a true $0 down $369 monthly. I say you can do better, just push the dealer a bit more and lower the selling price.

Here is the correct calculator… you were double counting rebates and doubling the dealer/state fees. MF appears to be buy rate of .00128 so nothing to more to negotiate.

Might be able to get a tiny bit more depending on how bad they want to get rid of it, but know PNW can be a tough market. Max MSDs would save you about $20/month. Good deal for a 15K lease.

Discount preincentive is fine, like @chi said, there might be a little more they could give, or not depending on the dealer. You could either risk blowing the deal up or taking it as is.