BMW Warranty & Maintenance

Hello Hackrs,

I have officially transitioned into an Internal Finance Advisor role at Pacific BMW. My primary focus will be selling extended warranties, and maintenance’s including refreshes on used vehicles. I still have the ability to quote and evaluates leases, this is simply an addition. If anyone has a written offer, and is looking for a second opinion or simply has questions about coverage and pricing feel free to email me at or text/call me at my new office number (818) 217-0986.

For Inquiries Include:

  1. Name
  2. VIN
  3. Current Mileage

You’re one of the bad guys now that tries to suck the last few bucks out of our pockets!

J/k…congrats on the promotion. Well deserved!

I’m a double agent now I get to save on both sides :male_detective:

Thanks M :+1:


I’ve been thinking about leasing a CPO BMW. Can you point me in the right direction?

Are we happy or sad for you? Lol


Congrats! I’ve got a BMW just getting ready to go out of warranty so I’ll be hitting you up for some info as I decide whether to extend the warranty and maintenance plans.

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Best place to start is here, allows you to search multiple dealers based on zipcode and range. Keep in mind CPO warranties are essentially glorified power-train coverage, so it might be more cost effective to choose a regular used BMW and upgrade the warranty.


Happy! Been wanting to get into finance since I started in the industry so it’s definitely a milestone, opens a lot of doors.


Congrats on the promo!

Amateur question - For new BMW leases, can you sell extended warranties, etc. to someone who leased through a different dealer?

(I live in NJ).

Thank you ! It is possible to purchase through another dealership, but the physical car would have to be at the center that is enrolling it.

August 6th 2018 NEWS

“Effective August 6th, 2018, BMW Financial Services is pleased to offer CPO Wraps contracts on BMW i vehicles. Eligible models for this program are BMW i3 and BMW i8. Additionally, as of August 6th, All CPO Wrap contracts will be sold only in Unlimited mileage terms.”

Now what’s a wraps contract?

It matches Platinum level protection, which is the highest coverage, but additionally is unlimited mileage.

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It is basically industry jargon for bumber-to-bumper warranty.

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Is there a documentation somewhere for more details ? I was under the impression that CPO coverage was same as ice vehicles i.e. manufacturer warranty is extended another year … Was it different before?

No it is the same, the mileage restriction is the real difference. Platinum and manufacturer warranty nearly mirror each other.

Not sure what to make of it in terms of their reliability. I am on my second i3-rex lease and need to decide between purchasing another one or a Chevy Bolt next year… Leasing will not work with my 100 mile roundtrip commute.

Would you be able to sell BMW Ultimate Care+ on a newly leased vehicle from another state? Or would I have to take that upon lease signing. I burned through pads and rotors in 22,000 miles, the coverage would be worth it for me.

Car has to be at the center it’s being enrolled at unfortunately.

Running a promo until the end of the month $500 off almost all Extended Service Contracts (Warranty’s). Also always price beating if you have another quote.