BMW Upgraded Maintenance + All Makes Tire and Wheel Warranty

Not sure if this is the right section to post this deal but I’d figured I would share with the community since it saved me a couple hundred. Mods, please do as needed if its not in the right category.

So a friend of mine referred me over to his friend who works at BMW as a finance manager because I was quoted $2000 for upgraded maintenance on my new BMW lease. Shopped it around with the current dealer where I got my car serviced and they quoted me ~$950. My buddy’s referral was able to give it to me for the friends and family price which saved me a lot more. He also offered to give me tire and wheel warranty plus extras for half of what I was quoted ($3000). Maybe I was getting milked from the jump but still saved me a good amount of money.

He did say he would be extend his price for anyone I knew. Im not exactly sure if he has a limit of how many he can do it for, but I will give you his contact info on a first come first serve basis.

I know some people are able to get the upgraded maintenance negotiated for free but I wasn’t really in a position since I was getting a huge discount already on the car.

Please PM me for details. Location I don’t think matters because he didn’t need me to physically bring my car to his dealership. Tire and wheel warranty applies for ALL makes but upgraded maintenance is for BMW only!

$1500 for tire/wheel warranty doesn’t sound like a deal.

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I read: friend’s friend…BMW…finance manager…buddy’s referral…friends and family price…$3000…half off…

There is nothing about this that is a good deal for you. It’s a great deal for your friend’s buddy…

This is nothing but profit for dealership. Your newly leased BMW came with enough maintenance to satisfy the length of the lease.

Drive the car like it’s YOUR car, not a rental. You won’t need tire/wheel warranty.


I’m paying about $275 for my tire/wheel warranty for 24 months

only did it because of runflats and it was cheap

Never mix personal and professional contacts. Eventually you end up with neither.

Warranties are usually waste of money and your friends buddy made a nice sum off of you


Well in NY, pot holes are extremely bad. I’ve had tire and wheel warranty the past 6 years and 2 cars. All it takes is 4 tires to replace to make up for the cost on the warranty. My old 335 I had to replace 15 tires and 3 rims over 3 years.

I was able to profit all the time from having tire and wheel warranty.

Do you have details on what model BMW, mileage term, which of the multiple maintenance plans you bought, and terms of Tire/Wheel?

2019 M850i

Covers for full duration of lease

The upgraded maintenance covers spark plugs, brake pads, rotors, windshield wipers, etc

Terms of tire + wheel include: all cosmetic wheel repair (road rash, dents), replacement of tires, windshield repair, key replacement and $1500 in credit for any end of lease out of pocket costs


Seems more than solid to me, given what you laid out.


I mean regardless what other people say… it was the best option for me since I know I wouldn’t be able to get a better price elsewhere.

I know it varies by region. Im sure the tristate community can agree that tire and wheel warranty is required on cars that run on low profiles.


Whats ur region and make/model?

NJ and Alfa Romeo Giulia. but I didn’t get cosmetic coverage or any of your other benefits.

Exactly, depends on your vehicle type, your past experience, and current environment/usage pattern. I’ve blown past $3k in claims on my M4 with 20’s since one decently bent wheel was a $1200 claim by itself, since they authorized replacement over straightening. On the 21" X3 M40i, we’ve gone through 3 tires plus a couple of front wheels straightened. Most of this stuff is just a bubbled tire being replaced or a slow leak due to picking up a nail or screw.

I always take the wear and tear coverage for lease-end, as there typically tends to be a chip in the windshield ($600 charge at lease-end), or some little blemish somewhere that measures over the limit, or two rear tires just at the limit (my prior M4).

If you get reasonable deals on it in our marketplace here in NY Metro area, it’s not a huge payment dent, and quite likely to pay off or come close while being conveniently “pre-paid”, at least on the models with big wheels, low profile, etc…


10000% agree with you on this one.

My logic is, if I know I’m going to have to pay out of pocket eventually, I might as well opt in for the warranty and drive peacefully without having to worry about dishing out a minimum of $300 per tire.

Plus I know the m850 is one heavy car so I already have experienced how quick tires/wheels go on heavy cars running on low profiles.

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This seems like an extremely good deal. All it really takes is for you to replace 1 wheel and it already seems like its paid off.

It’s likely a “tire-only” plan with a deductible and claims limits? Is it prorated for wear amount?

yep I am surprised I haven’t had one because the roads around me blow. but I’d rather pay for some coverage instead of paying for a psychologist due to freaking out about every little bump lol

it covers wheels too but I think tires are prorated. no cosmetic coverage though. The wheels on my car aren’t too expensive i see them online for 300-500 a pop

Just to confirm, this only covers tire replacements as a result of damage right? Not just needing new tires due to normal wear and tear at 25k/end of life?

Right. Has to have a bubble or a nail or something causing it to be replaced from my experience of having tire and wheel protection.

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