BMW order questions


Hi so I decided to order a new BMW from a dealer. The dealer has agreed to a discount and has presented a deal sheet too with a breakdown of payments with different down-payments. The dealer is asking for a deposit but hasn’t given me a purchase order which i’m supposed to sign. Is that normal? Also can the dealer change the price at which he is selling the car at? Hoping for some insight!

  • Not sure if i should have gotten a purchase order. The dealer has been straight up with everything which is weird in cuz I’ve never seen such a straight forward salesman. Asked him how much he is willing to discount and he said a number. I went3% higher and he still agreed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Its normal for dealers to screw you yes


thats the thing. I dont want to pay more than the price we have set now.

Orders are weird, pricing and mf and rv can change before the car is delivered. I dont think bmw has price lock right?

it a purchase not a lease, so mf and rv dont matter but that purchase price affects everything.

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Someone more knowledgeable will reply, but I believe the MSRP can be price protected by BMW for 120 days on an ordered car.

  1. What car is it?
  2. Do they have an actual allocation for it? This is like a build a lot guaranteeing the build slot. If they don’t, depending on the model, you could be waiting a while
  3. Just ask for a signed price agreement? Are they refusing to provide it?
  4. Are you financing? In the current climate, many BMW dealers will discount the car but markup the finance rate.

If they have an allocation, I believe they should
be able to give you a production number and build week.

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Once you build the car online you get the purchase order number take it to the dealership and they request a deposit. Then you should obtain a production number once they order the vehicle and you can track the status online as it is being built. I ordered my vehicle in March and took delivery in April and paid a 500.00 deposit. However the dealership I ordered from had an allocation for the X3 I got. If you finance with BMW financial the credit report they pulled is only good for 60 days so the payment and down payment may change a little. My purchase price of the car did not change and was purchased at msrp with no market adjustment. Also if your in Southern Cal BMW Sherman oaks no market adjustment and BMW Valencia market adjustment negotiable.

  1. it is a x3
  2. they said they do have an allocation and it’s in status 112 so they could flip it. Should go into production in July and would be delivered in July as well
  3. I didn’t ask for a price agreement, i just supposed they would send me one before asking for a deposit like most other dealerships sent it.
  4. I am financing it. He said the rate should be around 4.49% but since BMW works with other banks (in my case BofA) they can get a better rate. (I know credit unions have very low rates but not sure if i would get the loan)

Another dealer this time in MD matched the same deal but marked up the interest rate to 4.99% and is willing to use other BMW banks as long as I finance through them.

at msrp not much they can change but in my case the discount is 2900 so they can easily change that

X3 is US built so less chance of delays. Allocations don’t appear hard to come but and inventory seems to be improving.

We still have dealers in NY charging 5k over sticker :heart_eyes: on an x3

Dealer said that the proposal which is the deal structure is the price agreement because it locks in the price and the APR… isn’t that false? Can’t lock in a APR without running my credit…?

Did you get any discounts, or are any discounts possible for new orders? (loyalty or anything else).
Will you be leasing?

How comfortable are you with taking on the resale value risk of a car that …didn’t hold its value very well before the supply chain crisis?

the thing is I want to lease it, but i need a car I can drive anywhere without having to watch the miles on it.
I wouldnt even get 10k after 5-6 years?

So how did you conclude the X3 was the right car for you?

the price is decent, the car looks nice. The car i actually want has no release date yet.

That’s your benchmark?

So you’re willing to spend ~$50k (the difference between ~$60k OTD and getting $10k back) over 5-6 years just on depreciation? Not including interest, insurance, gas, maintenance, etc.

If I’m being honest , yea thats the benchmark

You could be driving cars a heckuva lot nicer than an X3 for that cost of ownership.