BMW MSD workaround

Has anyone found a way to hack a BMW since they stopped MSD’s?

Check this thread out: 2017 BMW 320i 36/12k $273/month, $500 drive off first payment/fees Not a work around but still pretty good

My workaround is Mercedes Benz :stuck_out_tongue:


Third row x5 vs GLS… Too much of a price difference

That made me smile. Thank you!

Are you generally looking for discount programs on BMWs or some sort of way to put returnable money down to lower MF?

Discount programs.
Their MF is too high

Check if you or your spouse are eligible for corporate. I believe that is an automatic (minor) reduction in MF and between $500 to $1500 of purchase price (depending on model). I’m not aware of any other way to reduce MF on BMWs now.

Sorry bud, bad joke, just had too many bad experiences with sales people at BMW.

I have seen some pretty good deals, like the one Splattered posted, but I know lots of people have had bad deals with MB. That GLS is huge, i saw one on the road yesterday and was like woah!

I hear ya, German car companies think discounts don’t apply to them…
Only successfully leased a Benz because no dealers around here would budge.
They are nice, it’s a shame it’s their only 3 row suv.

The MF reduction is no longer available with the corp program. Its simply a lease or purchase credit (starting July, I believe).