BMW March Lease Blow Out

Hi Spencer,

I would suggest looking at other dealer/broker adds and attach a calculator to your deals- break down rebates, sales price and money factors. People here will not blindly go into a deal with you. Good luck and welcome.


Sure! Very new to the forum. Still learning to navigate and learning the ropes. All of this is noted. Thanks!

Is the listed “money down” a down payment (CCR) or due at signing amounts?

Due at signing.

Can you please post a calculator and do you ship to new york

We can arrange shipping to anywhere in the country. All I need is a zip code.

Thank you for your reply
I mean for each of your deals in the table you provided ican you attach next to it the calculator with the numbers plugged in
You can check how other brokers on the forum does it
See for example discountsales2020 broker has a table with links next to each car that shows the numbers for this car

Welcome to the forums! Let us know if you need help.

Probably the easiest way to maintain this is a link to a google docs spreadsheet otherwise you’re gonna get 15,000 of the same questions. You can input as much pertinent info as you want.

Also you’re going to find many having a conniption fit over “money down”. That’s usually reserved for down payment/CCR. If it’s due at signing, change it to DAS.

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Are you with Galleria BMW in MS?

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This ^^^

As someone who used a broker, transparency in calculator, and a google doc with options, MSRP, and incentives made everything logical and hassle free. No negotiations, total and clear honesty. It’s the way to go on here imo to get the best repeat business. Just my worthless 2 cents.

Absolutley! I will take a look and see if I can get them posted shortly. I have a few other models such as X3M’s and 5 series I need to get up as well.

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Spencer, I sent you a PM last night. Can you please take a look and reply?


Hi everyone! I am working on an updated spread sheet, with calculators, and more information such as MF etc. I will post as I finish them. In the mean time here is a link to our website:

My personal cell and email is in my bio if you need a quicker response. Please let me know if you need numbers on any leases or purchases on anything in our inventory. I can also get my hands on pretty much any new BMW in the nation as well. Tell me what you need and lets make deals. Thanks!

Here is an updated list with more information than previously posted. I have more inventory but I tried to at least get one lease per model. Let me know what questions you have! Looking forward to feedback!

Your numbers still don’t make sense

Put in the calculators to see the dealer discount

He put it it is 35000 dollar for m8 competition so it is 22%

The discount tab does not include loyalty. loyalty can be added to the discount if applicable. Still learning how to do the calculators for you guys.

Dealer fee is a generous $425 here as well !

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Any lease deals on M5?