BMW m850i convertibles potential upcoming deal. CA

Pacific BMW in Glendale Ca just acquired over 20 new 2019 m850i convertibles. I’m assuming they will have a 2019 blowout sale very soon for anyone interested. Greg Poland has been a good CA over there for online communities. I got a 100k+ 650 Vert Demo from him for $810 pre tax before. These models aren’t selling but they just got 20 of them in the past few days, something has got to be in the works. They are almost all base models though. I’m hoping these beat the East Coast deals of 23% off. We’ll see but it’s worth keeping an eye on. I’m in the market and should hear back soon.


This is really good info. You’re right, I checked their inventory and they have a disproportionate amount of convertible 850’s. Thanks for the heads up. I’m gonna see if I can get 25 % off msrp on one of these.

As of now they are only at 18% off, which is line with every other dealer on the low end of discounts. I’ll update if/when the real deal comes out. I would think if it was a Presidents Day thing they would already be in effect, so hopefully it’s a March deal. But who knows, this is all just a hunch since they got so many recently and they aren’t selling to begin with.

Please do, most of the 19s they acquired are conv, and there is one limited edition coupe. Thank you for posting the information.

Samson N worked/works for Pacific. He used to frequent here a lot selling cars, having seen anything from him recently though.

I appreciate the info but here’s how it plays out - every.single.time…

Guaranteed they have a bunch of them left over 100+ days from now, not shifting.

You’ll turn up, incentives and MF in hand, e-mail negotiations conducted etc, LH info burned into your head ready to do a deal.

Then they blabber on about how summers around the corner, get a vert now whilst they are cheap - that it’s so rare and special, and can’t possibly lease for less than &5k down and $1,500/mth 7.5k miles/ yr :roll_eyes:

I would love to be wrong though.

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You would be wrong! Already can get them for mid - high $800’s a month. BMW is in a bind with these M850i’s as they made way way too many of them and then released a model above them - the M8 and a model below them - the 840 as 2020’s and started shipping them all the while the middle model M850i still has 300+ 2019’s on dealer lots. As a result, they are holding the 2020 M850i model all at an average MSRp of about $125k.

I have no idea why they haven’t aggressively incentivized these or given the dealers more flagship cash to get them moved. I’m sure they are trying to protect their other two models, but there is really no good way around deeply discounting these to get rid of them.

I would hate to have been an early buyer of these as I am hearing that the trade in on then at a year old and with minimal miles is in the $80’s for a $125+ car. Ouch!

Your last line is why buying a brand new car really can’t make much sense. A situation like this comes up and you are getting completely hosed.

saw this yesterday :rofl:

Yes. It is brutal to take that type of loss. Can happen on any car, which is why leasing some models with artificially high residuals make sense.

With this model BMW though, I just don’t get what BMW is thinking in letting all of these cars just languish on the market and letting their dealers take the hit when they sell them and the interest in holding them. Take the loss now and move some cars!

So looking at one of these currently, for 36/10k for $865 plus tax. $3300 due at signing. $34,400 total cost to lease for 3 years, good deal in general? Still a lot of money to throw away on a car but damn.

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Relative to the MSRP of the car no way. $34K for essentially a race car. It depends on where you are if it’s a good deal as well.

Best I’m at is 36,400 total cost for 36/10 lease, but that includes CA 10% tax and the fees rolled in too. I’ll just wait and see what next month programs are.

If anyone gets any good deals, please share. You can get any payment with the right amount of money down, but for the sake of this discussion we are talking zero down besides MSDs and standard Drive Offs. East Coast deal posted on here is 23% off a new one, I found a demo but they only went to 24% off, both pre loyalty 3k.

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Ouch that hurts just to look at. If that dealer is trying to sell for $84k, I wonder how much the original owner got on that trade in. Brutal.

Holy mother of depreciation. Almost tempted to give up my 7 for this monster of an engine

Anytime soon they will do the same discounts on M8s? lollll

BMW Riverside is having an OL code event this weekend on feb 22nd. If you are in the LA/OC area and want to get a better lease on these 850s, it might be worth it to drive over and snag one as it could help with the deals at Pacific BMW. Just a thought.

Both OL codes I have received in the past exclude the 8 series.

You’re right. I forgot check exclusions. M5, M2 and X7 are excluded as well it seems.

I got mine, $129,445 MSRP in Mid December for zero drive off $1099 inc tax in CA (9.5%), this is with loyalty and MSD. Just over a 22% discount…

I thought deals could get better, but less choice of color and options, which looks like how things have played out… its a great car.