BMW M340i Lease Advice

Hi All,

New to the forum. I’m looking into leasing a 2021 BMW M340i in the South Florida area and would really appreciate advice on negotiating the lease quote down further. Ideally, I’d like to be right at or under $600 monthly with $0 down – is that possible at this MSRP? If so, any tips on how to achieve that would be fantastic. I’ve attached the lease worksheet I was given as well.

Here are the details of their current offer (my wife and I will be co-applicants – with 785 and 771 credit ratings):

36 month / 10,000 miles annually
MSRP: $60,645
Discount: -$6,065 (10% discount)
Rebate: -$2,000 (loyalty- stepdad and mom leased thru this dealership)
Sale price: $52,580.00
Money factor: .00126
Residual value: $35,174.10 (58%)

  • Document Prep Fee: $989
  • License/Title: $450
  • Tag and Title: $314
  • Tire/Battery: $6
  • Sales/Use Tax (FL): $3,403.34
    Total: $59,742.34

Payment Due at Signing
$746.43 $0

$700.27 $1,500.00

$655.62 $3,000.00

$596.09 $5,000.00


MF is marked to the max, you need 0.00086
There should be anther $1,500 in lease incentives besides loyalty.
You are not getting a true 10% off at all with the above 2 points.

Document Prep Fee: $989

I assume this is the cost to live in FL so I’m not going to argue that

License/Title: $450
Tag and Title: $314

This doesn’t look right but don’t quote on me. Double check, this should be fairly standard per state law.

Sales/Use Tax (FL): $3,403.34

I don’t think that’s how lease works in FL. Your dealership is quoting sales tax on full selling price.

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For loyalty to apply, it needs to be in the same household (address) or be on the lease agreement. BMW requires proof of insurance or prior vehicle registration in order to apply this rebate.


Same as above - just because a parent leased a car there doesn’t mean you can get loyalty.

They’re maxxing out the MF, and they are inflating the registration costs.

This is where you should be at base MF, actual registration costs, and that silly doc fee:

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Thank you for the replies @FuzzyIBJ @Kctham18 @DMVLease

Should have clarified the loyalty part. I technically own the house that my stepdad and mom live in and where their cars are registered – and will be registering mine there as well.

I’m going back to them to see if they will do the following:

  • give me the MF at .00086
  • remove the doc prep fee
  • give clarity/reduce the registration costs
  • give clarity/update the sales tax on the lease vs. full selling price
  • see if they have any other lease incentives and will reduce the discount another % or so

Really appreciate your help with this!

If they won’t budge with the marked up MF, ask for a bigger discount.
As for asking them to remove high doc fee, I doubt it will happen. Florida dealers are known to charge outrageous doc fees cos they can.


They won’t. The doc fee is part of any other deal, but they’re the highest in Florida. I have clients just ship their cars down to Florida because the difference in the doc fee takes care of most of the shipping.

There are no other incentives, save for PenFed/military. The lease incentive is $1,500 and loyalty is $500.

I wouldn’t expect more than 10% and base MF outside of Florida. If you can get 9% and base MF, that would be good enough too, without going out of state.

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I would present an offer with the drive offs and monthly payment you want ( 10% pre and base mf) Do not mention the base mf. Let the dealer figure out if they want to move money around.


Pretty clear that you don’t actually live there. So you wouldn’t qualify for loyalty.

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The sales guy said he’d be able to get it done. That address is still on my driver’s license as well. But, I’ll be cautious here.

No need to be cautious. If the dealer says fine, it’s their problem and not yours. You’ve been honest about your circumstances.

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I disagree.

The salesman likely doesn’t know the nuances of the requirements. I would take their assurance that it qualifies with about the largest grain of salt one can find. You don’t want to go to the dealer to sign paperwork and have a $500 “oops, sorry we missed that. We’ll just add it to your tab” moment catch you off guard.

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I definitely see your point and it’s quite valid.

I think there is a lot of questionable loyalty application. If the dealer botches the deal, I would expect any discrepancy to come out their end. Otherwise, see ya.

Of course, this assumes a buyer who won’t get rolled with a change at sign. Not everyone, to be sure.

I’m assuming you mean before he signs, right? If he signs the deal with loyalty included and takes the car, and the dealer finds out after the fact they screwed up on the requirements, they can’t just throw a $500 tab on the customer can they? The agreement has already been signed. I suppose they can technically take the car back if the deal doesn’t get funded by BMW FS, but I would assume for $500-1000 the dealer would rather eat the cost.

Correct. Wouldn’t be uncommon to get there, have them go “oops”, and push for signing at the higher, correct price.

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Interestingly, they’ve been able to apply loyalty for us in the past so long as a BMW is listed on the lessee’s insurance policy, even if the car is not registered under the lessee’s name or at the lessee’s address.

I think you’ve had extensive history with BMWFS… no point validating lol

If he’s registering the car in the same household the other BMW’s are in, wouldn’t that qualify for loyalty? Even if he doesn’t live there?

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LOL! Touche. It was actually for a relative I was helping and it was their first BMW. But I’m curious to know how relaxed their requirements actually are for loyalty. Seemed easy enough to show the proof of insurance.

If the OP is registering the car at the same address where other BMW’s are registered then they’ll have zero problem qualifying for loyalty. I wouldn’t worry one iota more about this. It’s not the dealer’s or BMWFS’s job to police what house you can or cannot register your car at and they’re not going to hire a private detective or send out the black helicopters to make sure they really live there, or anything like that.