BMW M340i Lease Advice

Updated offer from them:

Monthly payment with fees at signing:
$599.00 a month pretax
$41.93 monthly sales tax
$640.93 payment tax inc.

Fees at signing:
$599 monthly payment pretax
$925 acquisition fee
$989 document prep fee (they won’t budge on this)
$200 new plates
$299 tag and title
$6 Tire/Battery fee
$211.26 sales tax on fees

$3,229.26 Total due at signing

I’m asking for $620 monthly (w/ tax) and the same total due at signing. I may also inquire about MSDs to lower the cost further since they won’t budge on the MF. If they agree to this update, does this seem like a deal worth accepting?

Honestly, you’re $2,600 apart so I would say to move on. They’re still inflating the registration costs, but isn’t it interesting that they moved down on that? :slight_smile:

I’d offer to help, but the least expensive one I have is $63,250, and it’s closer to $685 with just first at signing. It’s 10% off and base MF, plus you’d have to ship it. Although, the difference in the doc. fee is $500, so that covers part of it.


On principal alone, the fact that they would lie about registration fees to hide profit is all the reason I would need to tell them to pound sand.

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I love when Florida dealerships charge $500 for “electronic filing” on top of registration fees.


I wouldn’t touch this deal with a 10-foot pole. It’s literally $13 less than your original quote when you compare $0 DAS to $0 DAS. Something seems way off about it and the deal has gamesmanship written all over it. You can do better IMO.


When I worked at bmw as a ca… We could make any deal have loyality credit. Just would depend on the client and car and if we wanted to spend the 5 minutes doing a little extra work to get it.


I paid $1800 down and my msrp on custom build was 63k before discounts. Monthly payment is at $680 total in FL.

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