Bmw Loaners across the US

Looking at a few loaners across the country I’m seeing some cars already heavily discounted but can loaners/demos be leased still? Are there certain rules in regards to max miles before a car can no longer be leased? And do you guys think this is an effective way to get a really amazing deal?

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Good luck on your search, and post deal details if you’d like feedback.

They can be leased

Those internet prices include all applicable incentives (such as the “$4000 APR credit/incentive and 1000 loyalty).

So substract 5000 from the internet price and the dealer sales price is no better than the discounts you can negotiate on new ones.

Demos/loaners qualify for all new car incentives until 5,000 miles and are discounted more than truly new cars with near-0 mileage. The residual takes a hit based on the mileage, but it’s usually still cheaper than non-demo/loaners.

Check out the Marketplace threads for current broker deals. These offers are likely better than anything you can negotiate with a dealer on your own. Just make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The deals listed by brokers often assume tier 1 (720+) credit and some incentives like loyalty, which you may not qualify for. They may also include fees, taxes, and MSDs whereas dealer offers typically do not. The fees may also differ from dealer to dealer. The offers on dealer websites are terrible compared to the deals offered by brokers here. It’s not impossible to negotiate a good deal on your own, but I would recommend going through a broker if you aren’t very experienced in lease-hacking. Especially if you live in NY where MSDs are not allowed, going through a broker to get a car from NJ is probably worth it. Max MSDs vs no MSDs on my 330i was a $900 difference, for example.

Also check out the Share Deals & Tips threads for real examples of recent deals.

For BMWs, warranty is not a concern for 36 month leases since it covers 4 years/50,000 miles. However, the free maintenance plan is transferred based on the original in-service/title date of the vehicle. So if the vehicle was in use for 9 months and 4,000 miles, you would be left with 27 months and 32,000 miles. This shouldn’t be a concern since the plan (BMW Ultimate Care) basically only covers oil changes and air filters. The oil change interval is 10,000 miles.

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Thanks so much for this info bro. I see it’s been tough. I’ve been trying to do it on my own… now sure why the brokers get so much of a better deal lol but maybe I’ll just hire someone

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You’re welcome and good luck! I’m assuming brokers have the ability to make such good deals for clients because they help move so many cars. Dealers are often willing to take little or no profit on some deals to reach volume bonuses. The “hacked” deals are off-set by the walk-ins who sign relatively terrible deals.

Do Demos have the same residual value and MF rules for the month??

Mileage brings down residual. MF is the same.

Don’t even bother leasing demos over 5k miles. Cheaper leasing a new one

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Demos/loaners are treated as new cars (if under 5,000 miles). The MF is the same and the base residual is the same. The residual is dropped by $0.25/mile for every mile over 500. So 4,500 miles = $1,000 lower residual.

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